Help… I’m in hell

Q&AHelp… I’m in hell
S L asked 5 years ago
Hi, so.. this all started a little over a month ago when I tried a natural deodorant. I wiped my deodorant off with a paper tower and water then put the natural one on. (Native) and went home. The next day they were very Sensitive and burning and I thought it was a rash due to switching to natural deodorant. I then applied (smidtts) charcoal and my armpits for the next week got very dark and dry very very dark and burning, I did not know what to do I just continued to use the deodorant. And my armpits kept smelling badly. To this day I’ve tried other natural deodorants but my armpits still are dry and itchy and a little dark. I’m white and my armpits were almost the color of dirt.  They’re a bit lighter now and they started to peel and I exfoliated the skin off but now it heals back up and peels again. Still smells badly. Please help 
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drarmpit Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi, thanks for sharing your story. This is something many people have when switching from antiperspirant (and basically sterilizing the underarm) to another (natural) deodorant. The natural deodorants are simply less effective in killing the bacteria. So the bacteria that come back after long use of antiperspirants are usually not the good ones. These involve Staphylococcus aureus, which causes rashes and bumps under the skin, as well as a long list of malodor associated bacteria. It is not easy to shift the microbiome to a more healthy equilibrium. That is what my research is focusing on. I believe it is unhealthy to kill all bacteria and rather focus on having the ‘good’ ones there, than nothing at all. The underarm microbiome trains our immune system and prevents against infections, rashes and malodorous bacteria. Best, Chris