Giving My Daughter an Armpit Transfer

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
Hi- About a year ago, I noticed that my 21 year old daughter had developed a sour armpit odor. This seemed to coincide with, but may not be related to, the four months she spent studying abroad in Thailand. She definitely did not have this problem in high school when she could play a competitive 2 hour singles tennis match without armpit odor. Now, she smells without even working out. No one else in the extended family has this issue. I do not have a problem, so would like to give her an armpit bacteria transfusion. What would be the steps to properly go about this? Or, how about using a probiotic topical spray, like LiviaOne or Mother Dirt's AO + Biome Mist? What steps should be used make a probiotic spray the most effective? I do notice that washing her clothes in laundry detergent along with a cup of vinegar takes the smell right out. I thought washing her armpits with body soap followed by wiping with vinegar and deodorant would help her armpits, but then is she just getting rid of any good bacteria she has there, also? Thank you for your help. She is getting married in May and it would be nice to have this under control by then as not to be embarrassed on her wedding day. You can answer me here, but I am not sure how I will know that you have made a reply. So, could you maybe reply to me at
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drarmpit answered 5 years ago
Hi Kerry, thanks for your question. We are in the process of writing and publishing our first results on the armpit bacterial transplantation. This has taken quite some time, as many good scientific investigations do. An armpit bacterial transfusion might benefit some assistance from a professional. We are also working on follow-up clinical studies to ease the process. I hope to share our results in the coming year. Best, Chris