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Anonymous asked 3 years ago
Have just read the article in the Times. Very interesting. Although I do not appear to have a problem, it occurred to me that there was a lac of information about how one might prevent a problem happening such as what general measures should be taken for instance – should deodorant not be used under the armpit. Are there any other precautionary measures that should be taken or observed.
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drarmpit answered 3 years ago
Great question. Let me try:
1/ Wear cotton – cotton is a better textile to prevent malodor, as compared to fi. Polyester.
2/ Don’t stress too much – stress can lead to more and a sudden underarm malodor.
3/ Don’t use antiperspirant if you have slight malodor – this might make things worse in the long run.
4/ If you want to use something, stick to regular deodorant, and don’t overuse it – you don’t want to mess up the microbiome too much.
5/ Don’t overwash – this might lead to excess production of apocrine sweat and sebum, with more malodor as a result.
6/ Eat healthy and balanced.
7/ Don’t eat too much fast food and meat; eat more vegetables – we see that more consumption of fast food and meat and less vegetables results in more BO and more malodorous bacteria.
8/ Have a healthy body mass index – if the BMI is too high, this is also associated with more malodor and more malodorous bacteria.
9/ Grow old – you smell better with age.
Hope this helps! Best, Chris