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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
Hello Dr.Armpit I have to struggle with body odor since I'm teenager and I didn't fond a solution yet... I really think you researsh about bacteria transplantation is the way to go but I didn't heard from you since february would you like to share with us of your researsh advancement ? Also I have done a lot of researsh on Internet and it looks like that my body odor come from my sebaceous glands ( mostly face and head) , like the apocrines they are activated during teenage years but I didn't know they van produce body odor and there is no déodorant for this part of the body can you enlighten me on this subject ? Best regards
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drarmpit answered 6 years ago
Hi Mike, thanks for your interest. I really need to update the Research page on this website. Thanks for reminding me. I am still fully working on this subject. I have had the change to work on many skin and underarm related research topic the past year in San Diego. Related to your question: sebaceous glands are all over the body but are the highest in concentration in the upper body part: face, neck, back. Like apocrine glands, they secrete lipids which can be converted to smelly compounds to due the skin microbiome. So yes, if you suffer from body odor coming from the upper body part but not the underarm, the origin will be the sebaceous glands. Best, Chris