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angelo asked 11 months ago
Good day, Sir. I just want to ask. its not about underarm odor, but about my feet. its beenĀ  months since it started to have an uncontrollable smell. I have done a lot yet the smell is still here. so im asking some of your opinion on what is the best thing that i can do to get rid of my feet odor? i hoping for you reply. THANK SIR
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drarmpit Staff answered 8 months ago
Hi Angelo, great question. We have done a series of experiments on the feet as well, with great outcome. We are still working on this though. Again, this is a bacterial problem, and should be treated with a bacterial solution. For now, what I can advise: try walking in the grass. The feet will pick up microbes that will compete with the smelly ones. Those smelly bacteria are in the shoes and in the socks (even after washing!). Best, Chris