Effect on bacteria- waxing?

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Anonymous asked 7 years ago
Does waxing have an effect on the armpit biome? Or does waxing not touch most of the bacteria under the skin?
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drarmpit answered 7 years ago
Hi Priscilla, good question! We have seen that waxing and shaving of the armpit does lead to an improvement in the underarm odor and to an increase in the good bacteria. The shaving foam takes away the underarm lipids, which is the preferential food for malodorous bacteria. As such, the proportion of non-smelly bacteria increases. Waxing also removes (or partially removes) the hair roots. In those hair follicles, it is per theory home to more malodorous bacteria. By removing the hair roots, more oxygen can reach these areas, and it can potentially lead to more non-smelly species. So in summary: shaving and waxing of the armpit hair is a good idea. Best, Chris