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Mike asked 1 year ago
Hello Doctor i hope you are well, I’m a male  27yr old, lives in North Africa where is very hot weather (desert) From the start since puberty i used to have normal sweating with manageable BO with using regular deo/antip, in general it was manageable that i could live with it. In past years i found a product online and I decided to use it it’s called Driclor which is (strong anti-perspirant) it contains 20% of aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate, Alcohol, and Purified Water.  ((My intention was to stop sweating only i wasn’t bothered that much about my BO))

From day one it worked like magic there was no sweat + odor is gone with it completely!! and i still wondering why since the product is just related to eccrine glands ?, anyway i was happy overall that even odor is gone although is related to apocrine glands After months of using it i could say about 6 months, here’s  the trouble came in : i got infected to Covid-19 since after it things got messed up the smell was unmanageable & it’s so strong (onion smell) while i couldn't smell a thing due to covid,( i noted that from people around me + close friends) , i continued of using it with no results except for sweating is gone! after that tried everything to rid of the smell for example antibacterial soap and antibiotics etc nothing worked, in fact things got worse, and now when smell my self it’s not even that odor i used to have before so my question Dr Is why did all that happen to me ? and how to get rid of it ? Thank you Dr for everything you did to us and now we just can’t wait for the products to come out with hope that should work for all of us in order to gain our confidence & life back :) Best Regards 
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