Dr Chris Will Your Deodorant Land This Year 2022 or Not PART 2

Q&ACategory: QuestionsDr Chris Will Your Deodorant Land This Year 2022 or Not PART 2
FindACureSoon asked 2 years ago
@Ida Hi! I hope I don't get into trouble w/the good Doctor, but I have had the opportunity to get samples from him. It doesn't hurt to reach out and ask if he has sample sprays available. I've managed to get them twice. You will have to donate in order to get them, and if you live outside of Europe it may be steep. But, I say budget and go for it. It is worth your while. Hopefully, he releases the deodorant soon. If not, as someone suggested before there's crowdfunding. WeFunder is a good start. In case anyone is wondering: the spray did not work for me. I believe my bromhidrosis may be triggered by something that requires surgery. I have been testing for many different things. I have also been prescribed Clindamycin and I have also switched to Anti-Microbial towels to curb some of the bad bacteria after a shower. If I find out what the cause is and finally find a solution to this, I will let you all know. In the meantime, test for your pH and hyperthyroidism if you haven't checked those.  May we ALL be rid of this smelly monster ONCE AND FOR ALL!
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