Does Dettol kill those stinking bacterias?

Q&ACategory: QuestionsDoes Dettol kill those stinking bacterias?
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Could you tell me what kills the specific bacteria that cause the bad smell? When I wash my armpits with only water, use no deodorants and wear new long sleeves, I don´t smell at all. But I keep on contaminating myself by wearing my existing wardrobe. Now I´m experimenting by spraying Dettol on every shirt in the armpits before I wash it, but does Dettol do the trick? Do you already know what is needed to kill those stinkers? I have to wash my clothes at 40 degrees, otherwise they damage. In other words: what do you advice me to spray on the stinky parts before throwing them in the washing machine?
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drarmpit answered 9 years ago
Good question. Many bad odors originate from the clothes themselves. When the bacteria are present in there, it is hard to get rid of them. You can try by wearing a cotton piece underneath your shirt. Cotton permits the growth of the 'good' bacteria, and it is also efficient at absorbing moisture and odors. Check the textile type of the clothes that do not create bad odors. Usually cotton does the trick, but maybe there are other ones as well. Best, Chris