Do you have any updates on the product?

Q&ADo you have any updates on the product?
Mark asked 3 years ago
Hello, Do you have any updates on your product? I\'m so curious why I can\'t smell my sweat odor but only others can.
1 Answers
drarmpit Staff answered 2 years ago
Yes, we are forming a spin-off company that will make the research findings commercially available.  You wonder why you cannot smell your own body odor? I would urge you to ask a close friend or family member to judge your underarm body odor. Because in some cases, there is really no bad odor at all. If there is a bad odor, you should normally be able to sense it yourself. Only in very rare cases, covid, dust-obstructed nose, broken sinuses, or something like that, one is not able to smell anymore. Best, Chris