Diet & Stinky pits

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Have you done any research on diet related to arm pit smell? Can tell you personally diet makes a big difference in most people. There is also a nervous factor. Nerveousness is a different issue as it creates smelly arm pits for most no matter what! Lots of fruits & vegies help feed or starve smelly bugs. Seems the more junk food the stinkier the pits. Have seen this in many folks.
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drarmpit answered 9 years ago
Hey, we are looking into this now. What is known is that certain foods makes you sweat more (spicy food, large meals, alcohol, caffeine, etc). And most of these foods are also related to nerveousness. More nervous = more sweat production. And more sweat production is often related to more body odor. Although this is not true for everybody - specific bacteria degrade the compounds in the sweat into volatile compounds which can smell bad. Best, Chris