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Cassie asked 4 years ago
I suffer from bromhidrosis and i would like to know what certain food do I have to avoid in order to lessen the odor? Does white rice or any type of rice worsen it too? I wanna know what kind of diet i have to do so i can at least lessen the odor. 
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drarmpit Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Cassie, very good question, thanks for asking. Yes, diet certainly has an impact on malodor formation. I have already identified significant correlations with malodor scores, as well as clear hypotheses (but not yet proven). What I can say for sure: 1/ eat less fastfood, 2/ eat less meat and 3/ eat more vegetables. These were three clear correlations that we've found. Consumption of milk, spices, alcohol, and others did not yield immediate results. I also have a bunch of hypotheses. We know that there is a certain gut-skin axis, and that diet has an impact on skin disorders. A high carbohydrate & high fat diet, typical in our Western society, has been linked to severity fi in acne and dandruff. It causes an altered gut microbiome, which leads to an impaired gut barrier. That causes inflammation in the body that can lead to skin pathologies. Other dietary compounds, such as milk (lactose), gluten (wheat), alcohol, spicy food, could also lead to inflammation of the body. A stressful lifestyle similarly can affect this. Many food sources can have an influence, so it is a good idea to follow up your diet to verify if there is something that aggravates the odor. As far as I know, white rice or any rice has never been linked to malodor, but it is also a high carbohydrate food source. So you might want to double down on this for a week, just as an experiment, to see if this could help. Best, Chris