deodorant properties of retin-a

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
I had ingrown hair after waxing, and since I already had a prescription for retin-a, decided to apply some to my armpit to help exfoliate. After a few days I realized that it also controlled BO. I'm wondering why this works... does the exfoliation just reduce the breeding grounds for bacteria, or is something else happening?
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drarmpit answered 4 years ago
Thank you for sharing. That is very interesting. I was not aware that retinoids could also have an effect on odor production in the underarm. Retinoids are a class of drugs related to vitamin A and have been found effective in acne, psoriasis, wrinkles, dark spots, etc. How it exactly works in the underarm remains unclear – but the cell renewal and overall skin barrier improvement might be helpful in this. Very interesting overall! Thanks for sharing, Chris.