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Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Hi Dr.Armpit. I have a question, My armpits ruin my clothes. Whenever I wear shirts a couple times, they get a musty smell and I've tried everything to wash the, (alcohol, Febreeze,etc.). Nothing seems to work so I have to throw them out after a couple wears. I've done the Mirady procedure to destroy my apocrine glands, but I still smell very bad by the end of the day. Any suggestions? Should I get a full blood test? I know that I'm anemic...
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drarmpit answered 7 years ago
Hi there, thanks for sharing. Our research showed that the clothes can develop their own microbiome after a while. It is based on the skin/armpit microbiome, although the textile microbiome can be very different than the skin microbiome. Certain malodorous bacteria can get a grip on the clothes and everytime they are worn, they get new nutrition and humidity, so they can regrow and cause further problems. The bacteria in the texiles can survive the laundry process. Some tips for a more efficient die-off of bacteria in the textiles: washing at >60°C, use of chlorine- or bleach-based detergents, a fast drying of the clothes, drying in the sun (UV is an efficient antimicrobial), a frequent maintenance wash (using the washing machine without clothes on cooking-program and with bleach). Or alternatively, wash the clothes with other textiles, containing a totally different microbiome, so that microbiome is transmitted on the problematic clothes. Best regards, Chris