Characterization of Armpit Odors

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
What terms are used by smell testers to characterize the odor components? I haven't used deodorant/antiperspirant for over 20 years and notice my odor can smell peppery, like celery, or cumin. I think it would rate >0 on your +-8 odor scale. Also, it might have been fun if you asked the participants to rate their own smell and compare it to the experts scores. Any diet correlations? Any genetic predispositions or correlations? Also, a comment about your twin experiment... it's possible the transplant works on others. Are you assuming the transplant will fail 100% because it failed on the non-twin subject?
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drarmpit answered 6 years ago
Hi Rod, all good questions, thanks for your interest! Participants did rate their own underarm odor and the results are impressive: most people think it's much worse than it is in reality. Diet correlations? Yes. Genetic correlations? Yes. We did test for more people, mainly between family members, and those were rather successful. I am writing up the paper and hope to get all of this published. Thanks! Chris
drarmpit answered 6 years ago
Hi Rod, regarding the odor panel: we have a selected and trained odor panel. Panel member candidates go through a selection, where they are tested how sensitive their smell is. The selected panel members are then trained with a series of odors and odor references. There are a whole series of exclusion criteria, the room must be ventilated, they couldn't smoke or eat prior to testing, and there is a maximum amount of samples to analyze, to prevent satiety. Best, Chris