Can the Post Laser Hair Removal process cause more BO

Q&ACategory: QuestionsCan the Post Laser Hair Removal process cause more BO
Anonymous asked 5 years ago
I have had laser hair removal in both of my underarms. I have always used some sort of natural deodorant, but spareling. I've always tried to stay away from any sort of antiperspirant, for fear that spreading Al on my skin was harmful. After my laser hair removal I noticed an increase in BO in my underarms. It has increased and now is terrible. With in an hour of a shower I have that oniony smell and have full blown BO. Historically, I could forget to even wear deodorant and I would be fine. Now, I have to reapply throughout the day or I stink! My diet has stayed relatively consistent and I've had no significant medical/medication changes in over 12 years. What can I do?
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drarmpit answered 5 years ago
Hi Nikole, thanks for your question. It sounds as if the procedure also caused a bacterial shift in the underarm towards more Staphylococcus hominis - the bacterium mainly responsible for the onoin odor in the armpits. It is omnipresent on skin and many people have it in the armpits. I would tend to say that females have it more than men. We are working on solutions to shift the microbiome in the better way. Best, Chris