Bromhidrosis and hyperhidrosis after laser hair removal

Q&ACategory: QuestionsBromhidrosis and hyperhidrosis after laser hair removal
Lisa asked 2 weeks ago
since Ive had several times of laser hair removal, I suddenly have BO and after a while I have excessive sweating.
The BO kept on changing over time. Now its milder but its still there.
over the counter deodorant or anti perspirant worked only for a few months and shorter and shorter until none work for me.
then I tried perspirex 7,5% aluminium, worked for a while then didnt work, then tried perspirex 15% aluminium,
worked for quite a while but not I dont sweat that much but its always damp on my armpit and theres always a smell that wont go away whenever I feel hot.
and no matter what I apply on my armpit, it seems like it cant be absorbed
For example, I put a deodorant  with a fragrance.. that fragrance will always be there and it got damp, the smell will be very very strong…
and now even when I apply perspirex at night, it cant be absorbed completely, my armpit will always be damp until morning.
Please help. I didnt have BO or excessive sweating before laser hair removal…
and Ive been living like this for a few years and it sucks and it really affect my social life and my mental.