Bromhidrosis and hyperhidrosis after laser hair removal

Q&ABromhidrosis and hyperhidrosis after laser hair removal
Lisa asked 4 years ago
since Ive had several times of laser hair removal, I suddenly have BO and after a while I have excessive sweating. The BO kept on changing over time. Now its milder but its still there. over the counter deodorant or anti perspirant worked only for a few months and shorter and shorter until none work for me. then I tried perspirex 7,5% aluminium, worked for a while then didnt work, then tried perspirex 15% aluminium, worked for quite a while but not I dont sweat that much but its always damp on my armpit and theres always a smell that wont go away whenever I feel hot. and no matter what I apply on my armpit, it seems like it cant be absorbed For example, I put a deodorant  with a fragrance.. that fragrance will always be there and it got damp, the smell will be very very strong... and now even when I apply perspirex at night, it cant be absorbed completely, my armpit will always be damp until morning.   Please help. I didnt have BO or excessive sweating before laser hair removal... and Ive been living like this for a few years and it sucks and it really affect my social life and my mental.
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drarmpit Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Lisa, I'm sorry that this happened, but I am happy you shared your story with us. What you are describing is a typical reaction to underarm malodor: fight the odor with stronger and stronger antimicrobials, until you run out of options. The problem is in the microbiome: it is completely messed up and is causing recurrent malodors. It won't get better unless you come clean of any antiperspirants or deodorants. Try a detox for a while. It is very hard the first week, but after that it gets a bit better. And at least, your microbiome has the chance to recover from it. The underarm is a region where a lot of bacteria reside - those bacteria will always come back no matter what you apply. It got messed up with the laser treatment, and it keeps on being messed up with the many underarm products you've used. Try to have a microbiome again and try to get the good one. In the meantime, we are working on solutions that can hack that. Best, Chris