Botox and Miradry do not cure body odor

Q&ACategory: QuestionsBotox and Miradry do not cure body odor
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Just to add to your own research and for anyone else to know, in my own experience neither botox nor mirady procedure have cured body odor for me. If anything they may have made my body odor worse. I had hyperhydrosis and bromhidrosis, sweating and odor. After taking botox i had little sweat but more odor. And now after the Miradry procedure I have no sweat at all but still body odor. Neither procedure affects the underlying issue of the odor, which Im assuming is coming from the apocrine glands. More research needs to be done on how to destroy the apocrine gland totally either through an injection or machine. If you are able to destroy the apocrine gland without causing any other side effect, you will cure body odor for all least that is my opinion. You are one of the only few who is reasearching this problem, so cheers to you! this problem affects so many people across so many races, boundaries and countries. Hope you are able to find a cure soon!
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drarmpit answered 9 years ago
Thank you. We will try our very best to tackle the problem at its roots.