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wetsuit asked 2 years ago
Hi I came across this website and wanted to share my experience, I\'m 47 and until 2 years ago had no or very low body odor, like I could go for days without showering and no odor. On vacation 2 years ago against my better judgement I wore a rented wetsuit for a day that was damp and appeared a bit dirty. A few weeks after this I noticed a bad odor coming from my vagina and it itched, and then went through several rounds of being treated for yeast and then bacterial vaginosis where I took metronidazole. But the bad smell would keep coming back, it is a weird sickly sweet but pungent smell that sort of smells like onions. It was driving me crazy because it was not my smell and my husband noticed it too and said it smells off. I also tried treating it with boric acid capsules as recommended for BV but it would keep coming back. Finally I went back to the doctor again and asked for a PCR test to identify exactly what was causing the smell. The doctor sent me the test results and told me that all had come back negative. After this, I looked into other ways that I might be able to treat the problem since the doctor couldn\'t help me. I figured whatever bacteria it was wasn\'t something that could be identified by the PCR test. I started washing all laundry with Lysol laundry sanitizer and stopped wearing underwear at night. I also stopped using the boric acid caps and just let things stabilize over time. I started using a menstrual cup when I had my period because it would flare up around that time. And while the vaginal odor didn\'t totally go away, it calmed down a lot and got a lot better. However, what led me to this site is that in the past couple weeks, I noticed the weird sweet pungent smell has moved to my armpits. I think that wetsuit transferred another person\'s BO bacteria to me and it has now colonized all of my skin. It\'s weird but my skin seems to have a greasy or different feeling where it is. It\'s not as bad as it was in the past, but it really bothers me because it\'s not my own smell so it makes me feel like something is wrong with my body and it puts my husband off too. Thanks to the previous poster who mentioned the acid layer of the skin and acidified body wash, I\'m going to give it a try.  Because in the past before this happened my natural odor was slightly acidic, if anything. When I wore the wetsuit I had recently had my second child and I think part of this may be due to hormone changes and lowered immunity around that time, but though I can\'t prove it, I definitely think I picked this up from that wetsuit. If I learn anything more or figure out how to get rid of it I will try to come back to this site and post again.
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drarmpit Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi, thanks for sharing your story - really interesting! A rented damp wetsuit can definitely be a way to transfer bacteria for one person to the other. So yes, there has definitely been something transferred. But I also suspect something else. Oniony body odor points to something in the body, some infection maybe. Maybe you caught a fungal infection? Is your tongue also white; more white than before? Maybe Candida has come in/on your body. It can be invisible if present in the gut or oral cavity. A simple antifungal treatment could to the trick. Oniony body odor can also be altered by changing the diet and omitting the foodstuffs that are triggering it. At this moment we are only scratching the surface of what is known about oniony body odor. Please keep sharing your experiences, and with everybodies help we can obtain a better understanding. Best, Chris