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Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Dear Dr. Armpit , Im 21 man and have had this problem for 5 years since highschool.before that I didnt have this issue at all.I tried all deodorant even clinical strength,I saw 4 doctors and their advises didnt help me.I used antibacterial soap and didnt help.every year that passes it seems my problem get worth.the interesting point is I cant smell any thing.I realize that from people reaction when Im close to them.I bath every day and diet is normal.I red hundreds of websites and no one help me.It seems Im in zero point and do nothing.My life is dark and dont know what to do.I see you research about this problem,hope you'll seccess to find solution for this issue.Best regards
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drarmpit answered 8 years ago
Dear Pouya, thanks for sharing. Maybe try to ask a good friend about your odor. Maybe it isn't that bad after all? Our research showed that people believe the armpit odor is much worse than it actually is. And know that most of the people are confronted with bad body odor at some point in life (be it armpit odor, foot odor, bad breath, etc.). Best, Chris