Blood sugar, tumeric, coffee, menopause, hormones?

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Anonymous asked 7 years ago
I have been prone to body odor problems over my life, but in the last months the smell has become much worse. I am a 52 year old, post-menopausal woman. I am an attorney (sedentary job) with a long commute by car, and am not physically active. I believe I have blood sugar issues. I have recently successfully treated some inflammation issues (burning feet) with turmeric milk. I drink up to four cups of coffee per day. Since completing menopause, I have become very hot-natured: I feel comfortable in a sleeveless blouse when all the other women in the room are shivering in sweaters. My sense of smell isn't particularly acute, but when I wake up in the morning, I am immediately assailed by the horrible odor of my own armpits, strong and offensive. Efforts to remove the smell during the day when I cannot fully bathe and soap my armpits at work, aren't very successful, and then the smell clings to my fingers as if it were invisible glue. Witch hazel has been useful lately to quell the smell in midday. Chlorophyll tablets worked successfully to eradicate the odor in the past, but now aren't solving the problem. Of course I bathe daily, wear deodorant, and shave my armpits like most American women, etc. I've tried an "armpit detox" wherein you apply bentonite clay and allow it to dry, theoretically drawing out whatever is causing the smelly odor, but this is only marginally and temporarily successful. I already occasionally take magnesium (Epsom salt) baths. I have heard of probiotic deodorants, and I'm going to find one and try this next. Does anything that I have mentioned here suggest a cause of the problem? I do not want to become obsessively conscious of the smell, lest I become permanently embarrassed and housebound, but I really need help. I am grateful that you are addressing this problem, whether or not your work can ever benefit me personally.