Betadine skin cleanser made my armpit odor worst

Q&ABetadine skin cleanser made my armpit odor worst
Miracle asked 2 years ago
I used betadine skin cleanser which contains povidone iodine hoping to permanently remove my body odor but the opposite happened, it made my odor worst and now I still stink even right after showering and putting deodorant. It is so stressful. What to do to counterpart the effect of povidone iodine and neutralize it to lessen and remove the odor it caused? Thank you
1 Answers
drarmpit Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi, in order to try to neutralize this effect, you need to not apply anything in the underarms and not wash it for minimum a week. It will smell horribly, but at least you give the bacteria a chance to fight each other. Hopefully the good ones will prevail. It will first smell worse before it will smell better. But the very stinky ones can be tackled in this way. There are over a 100 different bacteria in the underarm - let them fight each other. On top, your own skin produces compounds that will kill or inhibit bacteria. Give nature a chance and hopefully it will improve. Best, Chris