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Anonymous asked 4 years ago
Hi Dr Armpit, I am 29 years old FEMALE and Im suffering from a bad odor in my UA. I can't help it, I even did a botox to stop the sweat which I thought thats the reason why I got this odor, but even though I had it last December its still the same. My derma told me to use a fucidic acid but theres no effect, then she prescribed a hydrogen peroxide and anti fungal cream to apply at night but my underarm still stinks. I badly needed a help to overcome this dilemma and find a solution. Its shameful and im losing my confidence as well. Hope you could help me Dr. Thank you
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drarmpit answered 4 years ago
Hi, thanks for sharing your story. I would definitely discourage using fusidic acid in the underarm. You have many bacteria there, and the chance of making mutants with antibiotic resistance is very high. A better option is regular antibacterial ointments and washes (in order to prevent bacterial resistance). But the bacteria are also in the deeper skin regions, and they are not easy to tackle. I would suggest to try to go without any underarm product for a while, so the underarm microbiome get recover. The first week is very hard, but after that it should get better. After that, you can do intermittent treatments with antibacterial ointment/washes, to try to obtain an effect. Also, our bacterial treatment would be great for you, but it is not quite available yet. Best, Chris