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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
Dear Dr.Armpit. Thank you so much for your thorough and creative approach to malodour, and for giving myself and other B.O sufferers courage to go on after facing so many disappointments. I have some questions regarding the experiment using bacterial transplantion. Obviously, you would get the best results if the whole process was supervised by a team of trained scientists, but if I was to do some experimenting on my own, how would I go forward with this? Would rubbing my armpits with my sweeter-smelling mother og sister`s (not twin) sweaty t-shirts do? How "fresh" should this sweat be? You also mentioned another possibility in an earlier post in this Q&A; rubbing some of one`s own sweat from less smelly body parts with apocrine sweat glands, into the armpits. Could this actually work, and which parts are most likely to provide the required amount of "good" bacteria needed, if you were to take a guess? All the best, Beth