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New Here asked 1 year ago
Do people have other body doors? Not to give too much info but I personally have chronic BV/yeast infections and smelly feet. I use boric acid every other day for my infections  but I can’t seem to cure my armpit or foot odor.
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drarmpit Staff answered 8 months ago
Hi, thanks for your question. In case of BV / yeast infection / Candida infection, I can recommend refraining from any sugars. Those yeasts absolutely thrive on sugar. Sugar can be really bad for our health. I also creates a dependency, which we don't want. A high sugar consumption could even be linked to more underarm odor production, although I have not proven this in the lab. My recommendation is to adjust the diet and limit sugar/carbohydrate uptake, and particularly in the morning. For you info, carbohydrates are also bread, cereals, and of course chocolate. Best, Chris