Armpit sweat smells like weed

Q&AArmpit sweat smells like weed
Jordi asked 4 years ago
All of a sudden following exercise, my armpit sweat has begun to give a distinctive smell of marijuana. I confirmed it with some friends to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. This has never happened before and I’m wondering why it is and how to prevent it from continuing. Also, I should add that I don’t smoke weed often at all, the last time was a month ago. thanks in advance
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drarmpit Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Jordi, thanks for sharing. It happens that underarms smell like weed or marijuana. And it has nothing to do with that fact that you smoke it or not. It is linked to the metabolic processes inside the body and the underarm microbiome. Those 2 things combined lead up to that smell.  Best, Chris