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Anonymous asked 3 years ago
I have little skin tags on my armpits and it makes it impossible to use a razor because it constantly gets caught on the blades and hurts extremely bad so I have to use a guys beard trimmer with a really small head to trim my pit hair and avoid the skin tags and since I have to avoid spots it leaves behind noticeable untrimmed hair and since I am a female that is highly unacceptable and causes me to worry about my armpits being visible while I'm out in public. Is there any ideas as to how I can remove the hair without worrying about getting caught on the tags and causing pain?
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drarmpit Staff answered 2 years ago
These skin tags are called acrochordons, and are very common in the underarm region. They are basically harmless benign tumors. They are not carcinogens or cancer. I have seen them many times in the underarms, especially with older individuals.  Here is a list of (home remedy) ways to remove them: Best, Chris