armpit and vaginal odors

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Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Lately I've notice a strong odor in my armpit even right after showering. I sweat very little under the arms or anywhere else, but use an underarm antiperspirant every day. At t h e same time, I am noticing a foul odor from my vagina even right after showering. I have practically no hair in that area, so I know its coming from the vagina. Can you help me
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drarmpit answered 8 years ago
Hi Pat, thanks for sharing. The vaginal odor might be due to bacterial vaginosis: an increase in pH, an increase in bacterial diversity, and a loss of protective function of the 'good' lactobacilli. The vaginal lactobacilli produce lactic acid (decreasing the pH), bacteriocins and peroxides, beating off other, possible pathogenic and/or malodorous, bacteria. There are several ways to treat this. Please consult doctor or pharmacy for a -hopefully- fast solution. Best regards, Chris