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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Hello, I heard about your research and how bacteria transfer from relative without odor helping those with bad odor. My mother doesn't have armpit odor, but I suffer from strong odor like my father, will wearing her worn clothes help me? I don't want her to start smelling like me though when she wears her clothes again. Perhaps she can use a double-sided tape with cotton pads in the armpit area that I can wear later? Sounds wacky, but I'm desperate; like so many of these fellow sufferers, it's had such a devastating impact on my quality of life!
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drarmpit answered 8 years ago
Hey Tani, thanks for your question. We are planning the idea of the worn cotton pads in next experiments, so yes, this could be a good idea. Still, it is experimental though. Many other things are important in the setup, which we haven't communicated so far. We would like to provide a scientifically sound setup through a peer-reviewed manuscript, where all details are elucidated. By means of this website, I like to communicate about our research, however, I don't want to be a 'quack' spreading random tips... (hope you can understand). So please, hold on as we work on solutions. Best, Chris