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Anonymous asked 7 years ago
Hi Dr.Armpit, Thank you for your research - you are actually helping people in so many ways and just knowing that you'Ve got this page gives me hope. I've been battling B.O. since I was a teenager I am now in my 30s. I've become a recluse because of this. I saw a dermatologist (I've seen so many and spent thousands of dollars on treatments such as Miradry...). He agreed to prescribe Benzoyl (10% wash foam) and Clindamycin gel (after I wash and dry my armpits) I then put on deodorant. I did notice that the odor is somewhat subsiding, but it is still there. I saw online that someone said they'd used this treatment and it can take about a month or more for it to work but it saved her life...I hope it can help myself or someone else as well...I just started a week ago and so far just a bit of armpit odor reduction but i'm crossing my fingers...hopefully this can help someone else out there...