Am I toxic?

Q&AAm I toxic?
amber asked 4 years ago
Hi, I feel sometimes as though I have a problem with my body oder in my pitts. I do not use deoderant unless it's a serious occassion. But I smell pretty bad very easily. Sometimes I wonder if it's acidic or toxic. I have MTHFR gene mutation which sometimes makes me think is part of the issue. I can take a shower and wash under my arms with soap. And then get out of the shower, within minutes I will still smell bad! What is the deal!? Am I that toxic that I have to emit that oder so quickly. But my question is whether or not I should go see a doctor and what KIND of doctor would help me with this....possibly endocrinology? I am just guessing...I don't want to waste my time or money so I need to get as specific as possible with the type of dr. Please advise me.