All of a sudden have stinky pits!

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
I have never had problems with b.o. In fact even when I work out I smell a little salty, but my arm pits rarely smell bad. Even my husband agrees with me. But all of a sudden after the holidays my arm pits smell like b.o. I feel like ALL the time. After I take a shower I smell fine, but it seems like as soon as I get dressed and do anything I stink. I haven't changed medications or anything recently. I did get sick so was taking zinc, garlic, vit b, and vit C, but I have stopped that for at least a week and still smell horrible. Should I be concerned?
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drarmpit answered 9 years ago
Hey Alli, we have heard similar experience like yours. A body odor can be 'picked up' after holidays, or sleeping in a different bed, or being in another environment. The bacterial balance has changed and the Corynebacteruim spp. have gained more dominance, resulting in a stronger body odor. Nothing to worry about though. Best, Chris