self-experiment using soil

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Dear dr Armpit, I have become interested in probiotic products like "mother dirt", which use ammonia oxidizing bacteria against undesired body odor. However, a product like this is much to expensive for me to use on a daily basis. Since these bacteria are available in soil in large numbers, I am considering a self-experiment. I would collect a small amount of healthy forest soil and feed it with ammonia and possibly nitrite. After a week or so, I would flush the soil with water and spray the water onto my armpits daily for a set time, evaluating the effects myself. During the experiment, I would not use any soap or deodorant. I would like to ask you if you see any specific risks to my approach. I understand that any other guidance on a self-experiment is a touchy thing to ask from a doctor, but any pointers would be appreciated. Thank you. PS I find the captcha test on this site almost impossible.