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Question posted by lynn
can body odor smell because of medication? and which medications can cause that?
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Question posted by odog
i have an idea. since malodorous bacteria live inside the hair follicles why not get rid of armpit hair? you can wax or even pluck your armpit hair. after that take a bath to wash off the bacteria. if you take a bath before you do this it is not effective because water cant penetrate i guess.
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Question posted by Bob
I tried to email your email address but it was bounced back as undeliverable. Was wondering if there are any new trials upcoming for any work you have? i would like to participate. Let me know how and where to contact you at.
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Question posted by ralph
sorry I can't live now you know people here are hate me always bully always caught when Im beside them..now I have battling nervous you know how I feel now..im not human anymore im always alone no job no confidence. please advice me to continue living in this world so please understand me world this is so big impact in my life ralphralph774@gmail.com
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Question posted by kier
before I don't have body odor when I push up then the body odor start why ?
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Question posted by mr
if you have body odor should you wash frequently or not
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Question posted by Eidur
Hi i have finally found a silution to my stinky armpits. Mine smell really bad, after eating a meal, after a stressful situation even after light sweating and after showering the bad odor is there destrying my confidence and my life. But now i have the solution and it is Bentonite clay. There are many different ones such as calcium , potassium etc, the one i use is the calcium variant. Add to water to create a mask and apply to armpits for 10-20 mins before showering off. I also apply a natural underarm roll on deodarant after shower and i have been stink free for up to a day maybe longer. Try a 3 day on 1 day off cycle to give your pits a break. Worked like a charm i can now live my life .
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Question posted by Niki
I remember clearly when a foul smelling sweat started for me, it was exactly when I got my first period (puberty-hormones) so in my case it has a big relation to hormonal changes in the body. Hope it helps you in your research.
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Question posted by No more stink!!
Have you tried Lume Deodorant for Underarms and Private Parts? This stuff is amazingly eeffective. Clinically proven aluminum free formula. It’s basically a lotion that you rub in with your fingertips the first few days and magic! The inventor talks about how BO sticks to aluminum and wax in madmade fabrics and how to get that out. You can use it anywhere. www.lumedeodorant.com check it out.
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Question posted by unknown
no confidence, anxiety, depression, no friends , no girlfriend , no job, no love of family, no reason to live small problem for them.... for me onion armpit is one of big problem...and ANXIETY
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Question posted by Cheers
I agree with LindaSays... I also have had to deal with persistant yeast/bacterial infections, for which I use boric acid. However, I've tried using boric acid on my armpits and it doesn't melt and it doesn't work on my armpits. It's definitely the biofilms (I believe) that are hard to break. If I use a towel twice, the towel starts to smell. Same for my clothes. I always have to buy new shirts because I can't take the smell out of the ones I have no matter what I do (alcohol, hydrogen peroxide,etc.). I wish we could find a solution to break the biofilms.
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Question posted by lala
if you find a cure deodorant companies wont let you distribute it
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Question posted by unknown
There's no cure so let's suicide together we know how hard our situation.
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Question posted by LindaSays
I believe we are suffering from bacterial biolfilms. In my car, I suffer from a Candida or fungus overgrowth because I have dealt with yeast infections, senorrheic dematisits and toenail fungus. This all posts to my immune system being compromised and the yeasts are taking over. My odor is constant, as soon as I step out the showe, I will smell. Every part of my body puts out an unpleasant scent that can range from bread, sewage to fecal. Why is this happening to me??
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Question posted by mirian
guys maybe try taking a bath instead of shower? i think it will work because when i was going to the swimming pool i never had body odor i never wore deodorant and i was a teenager. im 17 now but i noticed that i have bad body odor since i quit swimming and deodorants cant help. i used antiperspirants too for a while by accident because i thought it was deodorant lol so that might have contributed to my smelly armpits. i hope this will work
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Question posted by JR
Hi. Three months ago, I stopped using commercial antiperspirants and began using a "natural" deodorant. I had profuse sweating for a few days. After that, the deodorant worked well and my armpits felt lovely. All was well for about 6 weeks. At that time, the natural deodorant started to get less and less effective. I had to reapply every 3 hours then last week, I developed body odor about an hour after showering and using the natural deodorant. I read online reviews of deodorants and learned this is a common issue. Many deodorants work for a few weeks then become ineffective. I didn't want to go back to antiperspirants because it is really bizarre and unnatural to make yourself not sweat. After considering this, I realized that even deodorants that are considered natural are still unnatural. But I didn't want to smell so I tried an experiment. So far it's working great but it's only been two days. For the past two days, I took a shower in the morning, put nothing under my arms and had zero body odor for at least 15 hours. I might be on to something. What I did differently was that I used bentonite clay mixed with water under my arms before my shower. I made a thick mixture of clay and water, spread it on my armpits and let it dry for about 20 minutes. Then I got in the shower and washed it off and showered like I usually do. I would love to know why this works and whether it will continue to do so. Bentonite clay is said to have negative ions that bind with junk like bacteria and viruses. So it may be binding to and removing bacteria from the armpit. My other theory is that it might shrink the sweat glands. I have been sweating the past two days but not very much. I hope you can investigate this and report your findings. I'd love to know the science behind what I am experiencing and I would love the world to know that there is a better way to handle armpit stinkiness (assuming this process actually works for others and continues to work for me).
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Question posted by Ella
Hi dr.Armpit, I sent you an email about participating in your study. I was wondering: I have armpit odor and I have a doctor’s appointment soon. Is it possible to ask for an armpit bacterial culture? Do you think this can help? Thanks Ella
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Question posted by annabel
Soon you will find a solution but only people near your place can solve it right but the other country not enough money to go your country?.can you still help the other country ?
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