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Question posted by Dixy
Ik vraag me af wat je van het gebruik van Aluin denkt als deodorant. Ik gebruik het nu al enkele jaren en heb het idee dat ik er in het algemeen minder ben van gaan ruiken in mijn oksels. Wat is jouw ervaring of mening?
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Question posted by Lulu
Is there anyone you know of currently working on a probiotic deodorant? I know of some probiotic deodorants that use shelf-stable probiotics designed for the gut (mostly lactobacillus and bifidobacterium strains). This might have a temporary effect but I know that the long-term survival of gut bacteria on the skin is very unlikely. I was was thinking of making my own probiotic deodorant with prebiotic starches, and a super broad-spectrum probiotic (General Biotic's Equilibrium) mixed with an oral probiotic (Evora Plus) in hopes that one of the 118 strains will hold, but it seems unlikely given how different those ecosystems are. If you don't know of any commercially available or r&d-stage probiotic deodorants, could you tell me which of commercially available shelf-stable probiotic strains that are more likely to survive in the underarm environment?
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Question posted by emilapr
im 16 and have big boobs and jjust lost lots of weight
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Question posted by kefe
My right armpit is always stink than the left armpit but and sweat why
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Question posted by sherry
constant fungus problem am on promiseb. Work shirts are the wicking kind. Still smell after shower. Shaving pits make systems worse.
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Question posted by André Sloaper
Since long-term I use as less as possible soap to clean my skin and teeths. Since then that nasty smell is almost no more there. The good bacteria survive as soap kills them. Same with my teeths. No more problems and no more dentist visit. What you think about ?
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Question posted by Nick
I have Done a Lot of online research on body odor. However the information is all about masking the issue. I came across to your research and I hope you can overcome this embarrising problem of Humankind. Although it is logical that the problem has to to with the outer layer of the armpit ,The reason that the transplantation worked only for three days could be the bacterial colonies throughout the body as well. Maybe a bacterial transplantation thoughout the body as well as the armpit may be of help to try on people including myself. I am also curious about the reason for the body odor could it be a determination of the healthstage of the person or is it just about the immunity of the organ skin? If so, what helps the organ skin become more immune to substances bacteria and microbes. These are all theories I hope you take into consideration. I hope you success on your further investigation.
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Question posted by Melissa Dahl
Hi there, I’m a science writer for New York Magazine, reaching out with a question about the American daily shower habit. Here’s the gist: In light of the California drought and recently imposed water restrictions, it seems like a good time to ask the question – do we shower too much? And could weather events like this severe drought potentially change the way we think about showering frequency and cleanliness? So far, the responses I’m getting back from researchers is that we probably do shower too much. From a microbiology standpoint, there’s certainly no need to shower every day. However, apart from social conventions, there is one obvious reason to shower frequently: body odor! I wondered if you’d be game to answer a few questions about showering and body odor for me. I’d very much appreciate it! I think it might be easier if you email back with your responses - will include my questions below. Thanks! Melissa Dahl Senior writer, nymag.com o: 212.508.0576 c: 916.803.8740 @melissadahl Qs: Can you tell me, in simple terms, what causes body odor? What is it, in other words, that causes us to stink after several days without a shower? How many days, generally speaking, do you think people can go without showering before they start to smell? Maybe an obvious question, but are there body parts to wash in between showers if you’d like to start showering less frequently – say, just twice a week instead of every day?
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Question posted by Pouya
Dear Dr. Armpit , Im 21 man and have had this problem for 5 years since highschool.before that I didnt have this issue at all.I tried all deodorant even clinical strength,I saw 4 doctors and their advises didnt help me.I used antibacterial soap and didnt help.every year that passes it seems my problem get worth.the interesting point is I cant smell any thing.I realize that from people reaction when Im close to them.I bath every day and diet is normal.I red hundreds of websites and no one help me.It seems Im in zero point and do nothing.My life is dark and dont know what to do.I see you research about this problem,hope you'll seccess to find solution for this issue.Best regards
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Question posted by madalin
I have bad armpit smell since i was 14 . In a normal day at school my smell changed from no smell or little smell to a very bad smell .SInce then i try every single deodorant avaible in my region and none help me.How can i reverse the proces than happened in that day?
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Question posted by Apple
Dear Dr Armpit, I have had this weird odor on my scalp and I smell like a wet dog even after showering. I have had this since high school and has always held me back in terms of being close to people. Articles have also been written about it. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/perry-romanowski/smelly-hair-syndrome_b_888736.html. Could you also look into this?
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Question posted by EVH
Thank you for doing research on this! I have been suffering bromhidrosis for five years now. I am a female and it is very difficult to deal or accept the issue. It really affects your life on many essential levels for well-being. Below, I will post a few questions on my situation and discoveries so far: - My only sibling actually also suffers from armpit odor (even though it considerably decreased after her pregnancy). Would it then still be possible to participate in your research? I would definitely like to be part of it, anytime. - Recently I tried to use Dettol (antibacterial hygienic wipes) but pretty fast afterwards, my head started spinning for hours. Since I used the wipes, my sweat has actually been smelling even more acid/chemical-ish for a while. Hence I don't recommend this method. I decided to reconsult my doctor a few weeks ago since, even though I am against it, I was considering giving botox a try. My doctor hence decided to first call her colleagues at a hospital in order to ask them for advice. They told her I should try an antibiotics cure, in order to get rid of the bacteria. Either: 1. Doxycycline (100mg/day) in combination with Fusidin (crème), during 14 days. Or 2. Oxybutynin, during a longer period of time (I don't know how long though). I asked my doctor how come I never had heard of these methods before. Apparently the hospital staff said it is just not a very known method. I have looked for potential side-effects and the first option seems to be pretty intense. I didn't read many good reviews on this one. The second option seemed better still, I only found two reviews. Are you acquainted with these treatments as a solution to get rid of the bacteria? Would you recommend it? - Lastly, I actually always and exclusively wear cotton, but it doesn't really matter. I read that you advised someone to cultivate his own (good) bacteria. How should one do that? Sorry, the exact procedure wasn't very clear to me. Thank you so much for helping us!
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Question posted by Gary
A few years ago, I came to the conclusion that I do not smell and stopped wearing deodorant. I haven't worn it for years now and have never been told I have BO. Is this normal?
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Question posted by AT
Do you expect this process to work on people with overactive apocrine glands?
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Question posted by Tani
Hello, I heard about your research and how bacteria transfer from relative without odor helping those with bad odor. My mother doesn't have armpit odor, but I suffer from strong odor like my father, will wearing her worn clothes help me? I don't want her to start smelling like me though when she wears her clothes again. Perhaps she can use a double-sided tape with cotton pads in the armpit area that I can wear later? Sounds wacky, but I'm desperate; like so many of these fellow sufferers, it's had such a devastating impact on my quality of life!
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Question posted by Smellson
I have struggled with body odor since puberty. About 8 years ago, I took propecia for hair loss for a short period of time. I had terrible side effects, one of which has been strong, potent, consistent body odor. Another was a general change and worsening of my bowel function. Both have persisted since. Is there a link between gut flora and armpit flora? In other words, would you expect to be able to successfully treat armpit odor without addressing gut flora? Also, if you would ever need US citizens for a trial, I would love to participate. Is this a possibility?
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Question posted by Cherish scott
I just started college at Indiana University and I had an interview that requested business formal attire so I borrowed someone's white Oxford shirt. Recently, I discovered my B.O has intensified and is very strong. I can't help but wonder, can bacteria transfer and thus have the same effect on another person? I think it'd be awesome to research ways of neutralizing B.O. My odor just a year ago was little to NONE. Now I smell like a grizzly bear and Would love to look further into putting my pits back to normal. :) Thanks, Cherish Scott Indiana University
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Question posted by Gertjan
Ls, al jaren heb ik last van zweetlucht, niet alleen van de oksels, maar voor mijn gevoel overal, vooral bij stress komt dat meteen op. ik merk dat mijn zoon van 16 dat nu ook krijgt. Wat kunnen we doen om dit te verhelpen, kunt u ons helpen? Gertjan
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Question posted by K
Dear Dr. Armpit, I understood that it's better to use cotton clothes to avoid armpit smell. I wear only cotton underwear and T-shirts, however I still have smelly armpits. I shower every day, and on top of that I wash with anti-bacterial Dettol soap once or twice a day. I use a Weleda citrus deo, which seems to be quite harmless (and inefficient). I noticed that the smell changes with the clothes I wear. For example although I sleep one whole week in the same (cotton) pyjamas, they seldom smell, whether I shower before sleeping or not. Starting from there, I have two questions. Is it possible that the smell comes from the food I eat ? If I wash my cotton clothes at 95 degrees Celsius, will I get rid of the bacteria generating the smell ? Many thanks for your reply.
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