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Question posted by Mannie
Hi Dr Armpit! i have read that magnesium is good for BO is this true? thanks
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Question posted by Oops
Wow the comment about boric acid really hits home...I’ve suffered from really bad issues down there and as soon as I started using boric acid suppositories I was cured. I still use them from time to time. My armpits still give me problems it’s super embarrassing but I reapply deodorant when I’m out ( thankfully I work from home). I wonder if it’s a hormonal issue...doctors have been useless thus far.
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Question posted by Guts berserk
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Question posted by sad
hey guys Can you give me link to see Boric acid soap that you have bought, please? i am very sad because i have odor armpit in many years
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Question posted by Gabriella
When I was placed on hormone tablets to block progesterone my left armpit started to smell awful.id didn’t matter how much I washed I couldn’t get the stench away until about a month after I stopped the tablets and my hormones seemed to be back to normal. According to the tablets there was a very high increase of breast cancer risk with those tablets and my left breast has always been a bit dodgy. Is there a link with armpit smell and early breastcancer?
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Question posted by Mannie
Hi Dr Armpit, I am 29 years old FEMALE and Im suffering from a bad odor in my UA. I can't help it, I even did a botox to stop the sweat which I thought thats the reason why I got this odor, but even though I had it last December its still the same. My derma told me to use a fucidic acid but theres no effect, then she prescribed a hydrogen peroxide and anti fungal cream to apply at night but my underarm still stinks. I badly needed a help to overcome this dilemma and find a solution. Its shameful and im losing my confidence as well. Hope you could help me Dr. Thank you
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Question posted by JD
I have a pH imbalance causing a rather unpleasant odor in my lady-parts. I purchased boric acid suppositories in an attempt to balance out the high alkalinity causing the issue. I was very pleased to see it work almost immediately...strangely enough, this imbalance seems to be partnered with armpit odor that I NEVER use to have...NEVER....which can also be the result of an overabundance of alkaline levels. Well, I use the suppositoritory and I'm finding that my armpit odor is completely non-existent...no deodorant. Just gone Is this possible? It can't be a coincidence. The armpit odor only showed up shortly after I began to have pH imbalances (and often when you have one...it becomes a lifelong on and off battle). I'm dying for some insight.
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Question posted by Rachel Spurbeck
I have read your papers on the armpit microbiota which cause odor and have read about your Armpit transplant spinoff company. Very impressive work! I was wondering if you would be interested in collaborating on a response to a BAA to 1) identify the components of the skin microbiome that influence volatile organic compounds that attract mosquitoes and 2) produce a method to manipulate the skin microbiome to reduce the production of these VOCs that attract mosquitoes. If you are interested, please contact me by email and we will set up a webex to meet and discuss further. I have already a collaborator who has a mosquito colony. I am looking for someone with access to several sequenced samples of skin microbiomes, preferably with samples we can test for different VOCs here at Battelle, and then use to identify and manipulate the microbes that attract mosquitoes.
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Question posted by Quo
Have just read the article in the Times. Very interesting. Although I do not appear to have a problem, it occurred to me that there was a lac of information about how one might prevent a problem happening such as what general measures should be taken for instance - should deodorant not be used under the armpit. Are there any other precautionary measures that should be taken or observed.
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Question posted by C&G
I was really interested to read the article on your work in the Times magazine. As a couple we did not have a problem with BO until we used hibiscrub for showering. This is supposed to kill all sorts of bacteria including MRSA. We then both developed a different and unpleasant smell, not armpits but all over. presumably the balance of bacteria on our skin was altered in a bad way. This lasted for months. Then we got a dog and the smell went almost instantly. Maybe the dog carried bacteria which reintroduced a good balance to our skin flora?
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Question posted by Madmarston woman
Practitioners will note rancid, burnt, fragrant, fishy, rotting and putrefying odours as indicating areas for treatment, for example in acupuncture. This will be combined with other aspects of diagnosis such as visual signs or how the patient sounds when talking as well of course as the ailments which they present with.
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Question posted by Penny
This is working really well for me too - you can find it on amazon. It's only been three days, but that's longer than most things typically work and I've tried everything....I let it sit on my underarms in the shower for about two to three minutes. Then I rinse and put on deodorant after. Hope this helps...
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Question posted by Rajesh
Sir some time sweating right hand but not in left hand similarly some time sweating in left hand not sweating in right any reason for it
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Question posted by Ana
After I ate a brothy soup and asparagus on Easter Friday ( a week ago) I have smelled a cumin like or celery like smell coming out of my armpits? Is this normal?
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Question posted by RedArmpitGirl
Hello, I know that you have done a lot of research on odor of the armpit, but I was wondering if you have any ideas on why my armpits are itchy. Ever since I was like 13 my armpits have been very itchy (and of course I itch them so they are always red and irritated). I am 23 now and still have this problem. I have tried almost every brand of deodorant I can find, a lot of the natural ones did not protect me from scent and some of them burned. When I wear deodorant it is itchy/painful but it does stop me from smelling. I have been to multiple doctors from different fields and no one knows what is going on. My most recent dermatologist took a sample of my skin under my armpit and tested it in his lab. He said that I was allergic to aluminum zirconium tetrachloride. I bought a deodorant without this and for a while the itching stopped! It was amazing my armpits went back to normal looking, but unfortunately it didn't last forever and I am having the problem again even with multiple different deodorants that do not have that ingredient. I have even tried deodorant without aluminum or zirconium with no luck. Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated!!
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Question posted by Paige
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Question posted by kokolo
hello, I'm 24 years old and I have this BO problem for more then a 12 years. I tryed everything (deodorand,antipespirants,lime,soda,vinegar..) nothing works for me. Also my feet starts to smell bad. The second problem is that I CAN'T SMELL MY OWN BODY ODOR (ARMPITS AND FEETS) I can put my nose to armpit but I can't feel anything, ( just some weird smell). What is wrong with my nose? My bf told me that I smell bad even after showering and I can see other people faces when I passing next to them. My sweat marks are also yellow when I wear bright t-shirts, and sometimes my sweat under my armpits is white and very thick,especially when is some a stressful situation on my work.. HELP ME
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Question posted by sadness
hello naranca you are same as me i can not smell but i know my BO is very bad.
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Question posted by naranca
hello, so I have the same problem like all the people on this page, but I think that I can't smell my own BO, but I know that my BO smells very bed cuz I saw ppl faces when I was next to them.. Is that normal ?
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Question posted by Thibeau De Herdt
Hi, I’m 20 years old and I’ve been experiencing problems with my body smell. Like you said in your TED talk there are many things that influence the body smell and it all comes down to those bacteria. Now I take a shower every day with soap and I scrub well but often it doesn’t help. I recon that it might be my diet because fr instance I don’t like fruit and so don’t eat it very much, also I don’t eat much of a variety of food. Second thing is that I smoke cigarettes and a joint once in a while, I think this might have something to do with it as well. Now my question is am I right ? And what can you recommend me to do ? And would the bacteria transplantation be a solution? Thank you in advance You can contact me on 0493635711 Or email at: tdeherdt@gmail.com (Ps I do speak dutch and suppose you do to)
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