Probiotic deodorant update

We are starting a new journey to develop Probiotic Cosmetics and odor control in a new company. Over the past months we have formed a team: Chris, Rosie, Laure and Astrid, who are working out the new concept and want to get the solutions to the market. We are building on our lab research at Ghent University into products that tackle body odour. We are forming an official Ghent University spin-off that is specialized in body odour control.

The Probiotic Deodorant has gone through a series of iterations and optimizations. We are happy with the new solutions and are working out some technicalities. At this moment, we are also working on the branding, website and packaging. Business-wise, we are also working on solidifying our supply chain. For the latter, it would be of enormous value if we could have your input!  

Heading further towards commercialisation, your input is of tremendous value. Can you share your insights with us? We’d love to learn more about the current needs in order to better address them. Please go and click this link.

The DrArmpit team wants to sincerely thank all of you for your continued support.  

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