Right put stinks more than left

Elle Cummings
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So I’ve had a few issues with cysts in areas of armpit and crease of upper thigh. From a very young age I’ve had to shave both areas for my dancing due to revealing bodysuits. I also have horrible allergies and my allergist said I do carry a bacteria that cause increased growth of yeast. I’ve noticed of late that my right armpit smells very metallic whereas my left has little to no odor? I’m wondering the reasoning? I have stopped deodorants of any kind because cysts develop when I have used them. I’ve tried several all natural types with same result. Itch redness and oozing cysts. What type doctor would I need to see for this? I do still have loads of ingrown hairs in the crease of thigh and have had to stop shaving both areas all together. Even with no shavings and no deodorant I’m still having ingrown hairs and cyst like growths that come and go.