Brenda Flaherty
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Hallo, please help me?! My name is Brenda Flaherty, I’m 48 years old and have one child, she’s 18 now. I am gaining weight up and down and I have been going to doctors alll year last year and to over 20of them. No one seems to help me. I have been having terrible armpit Oder, and from my provate area. I have now had a rash on my legs for over ( years and now my hands are numb and itching terribly. I was diagnosed with MS but they said it’s inactive. Something is wrong and I feel like it alll started when I noticed the smells. I am so upset and even when I use products to help it is so strong and smells so pungent. Terrible. Please if you can help me to figure thinks out. My doctors here in Summit, NJ at Overlook hospital have not been helping me. One thing after the other and on top I have 7 herniations in my back where I couldn’t not walk for 6 weeks. I truly believe that the smellls in my body are a clue to so much and my dictors do no way. I don’t know what to do anymore. I just want to stop smelllimg and feel better. Please whatever insight or recommendations you can make I would be so grateful. Kindest regards, Brenda 908.451.768& ravenroot@me.com