Armpit malodor

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I'm a student, female, stuck on routines basically school and home and doesn't go out frequently because of how much ridicule i get outside the 4 walls of the house i stay. I strongly believe that i acquired from using deodorants for years since becoming a teen and now i'm close to 18 and it has become even funkier than usual. Before it was livable because it doesn't stink the room but now it seems it does because the funky smell literally can potentially like make you dizzy and that it spreads across the room like the classroom. I've nearly dropped out because of it. i'd never know my pits could be secreting as much as the bad bacteria could break down and its miserable. I tried botox and a significant decrease of sweat from the armpit was noticeable but not for the apocrine. so heres the thing..I'm still using anti-perspirants/deodorants whenever i go out and with my jacket always. i get paranoid without ever applying something on my pits to at the very least mask the smell. i do abstain from using these things during weekends and where there are no classes. I ask, will abstaining (from using deodorants) for a month or more could somehow have significant progress in reducing the smell? Thank you very much.