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Question posted by bob
hi i sweat a lot in my armpits and that is really the only spot i sweat and i dont like it
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Question posted by Wow
This is super interesting. Who thought it could be bacteria?! I thought it was just the sweat that smelled. So are there bacteria inside the sweat gland that are kind of "untouched" and can't be killed if they are malodorous?
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Question posted by Taniah
Is there anything I can do every day, that will (over time) help my armpit biome shift to a desirable one where normal non odorous bacteria dominate? I heard something about wearing the same shirt over again? Is there anything else that may even have the slightest shot of success? Thank you.
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Question posted by Mrs louise wright
Hi im louise and im 33 years old and my b o is smelling like weed i dont smoke it or been anywhere near any its a real mystery as it only started afew months ago sometimes its that strong of a smell you would think someone has been smoking it in my house me and my partner were looking for were this smell was coming from before we realised it is actually please help as i have never been a conscoius or paranoid person but since this started i have become very paranoid thanks louise
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Question posted by Priyanka Parekh
Hi! So for a couple of days now I have noticed a funky earthy smell coming from my armpits that I have NEVER noticed before. It's been cold and not sweaty at all. I have been using Tom's natural deodorant and I have no idea where this is coming from. I don't think its infection because I have no visible rashes.
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Question posted by Cathy
I have never had an issue with body odor before and it took a lot for me to work up a sweat and all of a sudden after I had a mild stroke and was hospitalized suddenly my right armpit would get musty shortly after my shower. I have always used antibacterial soap and the same deodorant for years so nothing changed. I went online and was amazed with how ,any people that suffered from " unilateral armpit must" lol. I read recommendations to use alcohol and antibacterial soap. I suddenly had an epiphany I decided to take a dime sized drop of hand sanitizer and rub it under my armpits and "VOILA" problem solved. It stung a little but totally solved the problem so I went to Bath & Body Works and purchased scented ones the next day!
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Question posted by Tom S
Hello All, I've suffered this condition for many years and have tried different types of surgery, and various medical procedures, but have recently have had some luck using charcoal soap on my underarms in the shower. Deodorant, not antiperspirant, after that. Anyway, this has worked for over a week now, which is far longer than anything else that has worked for me. Anyway, hope it helps. Best, Tom
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Question posted by Help
What things worked for other people that you've heard about? My armpit is so bad that I still smell it in the shower no matter how hard I scrub. Has anyone ever told you about something that's worked for them in that situation? Please help!
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Question posted by Dorian O'Donnel
Dr. Armpit, Why does only my right armpit stink and my left smells like nothing? I'd rather it be both of them stink because i feel uneven. Help!
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Question posted by Soaped
What are the effects of antibacterial soaps on our underarm biome? What about Triclosan? Just interested. Thanks!
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Question posted by Why not?
Hi Dr Armpit, I've been trying what worked for you (wearing the same shirt so the good biome on the cotton t shirt could overtake the malodorous on the armpit) but I haven't gotten any good results. All I'm left with is a stinky t shirt. If the t shirt smells, will it still work? Or is the smell proof that bad bacteria have also colonized the t shirt and it won't work?
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Question posted by HopeItEndsSoon
Hi Dr.Armpit, Thank you for your research - you are actually helping people in so many ways and just knowing that you'Ve got this page gives me hope. I've been battling B.O. since I was a teenager I am now in my 30s. I've become a recluse because of this. I saw a dermatologist (I've seen so many and spent thousands of dollars on treatments such as Miradry...). He agreed to prescribe Benzoyl (10% wash foam) and Clindamycin gel (after I wash and dry my armpits) I then put on deodorant. I did notice that the odor is somewhat subsiding, but it is still there. I saw online that someone said they'd used this treatment and it can take about a month or more for it to work but it saved her life...I hope it can help myself or someone else as well...I just started a week ago and so far just a bit of armpit odor reduction but i'm crossing my fingers...hopefully this can help someone else out there...
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Question posted by Bobby
Hello Dr. Armpit, Congrats at your move to UC San Diego. I live in the Los Angeles Area and would like to volunteer for any treatments or research you have. Is there anyway I can contact you or volunteer since I will be so close to you?
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Question posted by Clear the room
Please contact me if you are doing anymore studies. I believe I would be a wonderful subject for your research. I have had body odor since the age of 12 which appears to get worse with age. I have taken antibiotics in the past and it definitely influences the odor, however I go back to the same odor after a few weeks. The smell is fairly pungent and definitely influences my social life and career. I take 2 baths daily and use several deodorant combinations just to make it without smell for 2-3 hours. Friends and family state they can still smell me after a shower on some days, so I take up to 3 showers on those days! Let me know if you have room for me in a study. If I can't help myself, maybe I can help someone else in the future.
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Question posted by SarahK
I've been noticing that my body has began sweating more in the past year- something that it normally hasn't done unless actually doing physical labor, however now I can be sitting at my desk and start sweating for no reason and chocked it up to my body changing. I am 37. Then in the past 4 months I have noticed that I have started getting BO. I have NEVER had a problem with BO, not even after working outside during summer in the sun. And I noticed that it's 99% my left underarm. I can bathe and start stinking within a couple hours. I wake up with stinky armpits. I have been slowly changing my diet but nothing quick or outrageous. Drinking more water, cutting back on sweet tea, sodas and beer. I've been slowly cutting out processed foods and also beef as beef has started to do quite a number on me. And I haven't bought deodorants containing aluminum for 2 years now and also avoiding anti-perspirants (I have been using TOMs or doTerra's deodorant with essential oils). I have researched and was left with more questions than answers as I have read about many women having issues with JUST their left armpits stinking. HELP!?
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Question posted by DJ
For over 20yrs I ha e been battling with my smelly armpits. I've tried everything from deodorants to homemade remedies, which not have worked. My social life is nonexistent, I avoid everyone due to this, so that includes family functions too. Work life also sucks because people talk about how bad I smell. I just wish they knew that I shower twice a day and it's nothing I can control...sad knowing that I have to constantly be aware of my surroundings when around people. Like what direction the wind is blowing and stuff like that. Is there anyone out there that can help me? I can shower, and then 30 mins or less I'm stinking really bad. Again, I e tried everything I could find on the internet. Thanks
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Question posted by Smelly
Do your armpits still get smelly if you have a dominance of non odorous bacteria? I feel so alone!! The only person I have come across with equally bad body odor was in Switzerland two yrs ago, he was biking in the mountains and not daily showering. But I showered every day and smelt equally as bad as him! If not worse.. If the bad bacteria has managed to become part of your regular biome, can you even change that?
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Question posted by Rose
Hello! I'm a high school student conducting a research project testing the efficacy of deodorants' bacterial inhibition, and I don't know which bacteria to test with because the armpit grows a large number of differing microorganisms. Do you have any recommendations?
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Question posted by Bbc reader
Dr C, you have just been featured on BBC News in the top 10 news articles!! Congratulations.
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Question posted by susie
this is a very scientific question: when skin sheds from our armpits naturally, do the bacteria inside our armpits also fall off with that skin? does the bacteria inside the skin even ever die?
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