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Question posted by Lisa
Hi Dr. Armpit, I am wondering why my armpit usually smells like mirihuana. It's actually really pleasant, both me and my boyfriend agree, but I'm just curious to know how and why! I rarely smoke it. Thank you in advance.
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Question posted by asselbergs ine
18 jaar geleden zijn alle okselklieren aan mijn rechterarm weggehaald vanwege borstkanker. Ik transpireerde wel wat maar stonk nooit. En ja hoor, onder de linkerarm begon het te stinken ,, ik ruik mezelf,, zei ik tegen mijn man. Ik gebruik altijd anti transparant. Waarschijnlijk beter deodorant gebruiken of dagenlang hetzelfde t shirt.
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Question posted by Vicky
Beste Dr Callewaert Eerst en vooral proficiat met uw interessant onderzoek. Dit zal veel mensen ook een boost aan zelfvertrouwen geven! Ook handig is dat kunstmatige geurstoffen in deo's als 'lapmiddeltjes' kunnen vermeden worden voor de huid door de techniek van het plaatsen van 'goede' bacteriën. Wat is de kostprijs voor een dergelijke behandeling? Waar kan deze behandeling uitgevoerd worden? Ik vroeg me af of ik op een discrete manier een afspraak kon maken om dit vervelende kwaaltje te verhelpen. Alvast bedankt voor uw antwoord. Vriendelijke groeten Vicky
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Question posted by Flo
Dear Dr. Armpit, I read a very interesting article about your research in de Volkskrant. I'v had a very bad odor under my right armpit for the last 10 years. In the article I read that also the people in the control group, who just used plain cottonpads, reached a reduce in smell. I would like to try this myself at home. What kind of cottonpads did you use in the experiment and how? Could you tell me a litte more about this please? I think it's worthwhile a try. Thank you in advance. And keep on doing this research, it's very important. I would be so happy if this problem could by fixed. Best regards.
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Question posted by Michael
In your sampling, what species of bacteria have you identified? Which ones produce the worst odor? Which ones produce the best odor?
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Question posted by Daisy Fresh
Both pits used to have some b.o. pretty equally. I am past menopause.
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Question posted by 1armpit BO girl
Hello, I just want to ask why does my one armpit only has BO?
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Question posted by sama31655
Two years ago a lump developed in my right armpit. It was extreamly painful. When I went to the doctor it was determined that I was having a allergic reaction to my new deodorant, degree clinical strength. The lump was cut open and that was that. However, I began to notice that my clothes began to smell more than usual. I'm an extreme sweater so I'm used to smell. But it became apparent that my right arm it was smelling more than my left. I continue to use deodorant, spirit, but the smell comes still. I was wondering if there are any products to fix my problem
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Question posted by One Arm
I had shoulder surgery - after I knew to expect the arm in the sling to be more smelly because it was contained and hard to lift arm and wash. It is now 2 months past- no sling, going though physical therapy, but can lift the arm more or less normally, The smell is still much stronger on the armpit where I had the surgery. Very strong and different smelling than the left arm. Why would this be?
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Question posted by Mai
I don't know what to do I scrub my armpit morning afternoon and evening I am hurting my armpit just trying to get rid this
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Question posted by Nicole
Hi, just want to ask why is it that my right underarm has a bad odor whereas on the the left don't have. When I try to rub it, it smells bad. Any remedies or medication for this? Please help.
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Question posted by JF
I had problem with 'smelly armpit' for whole my life, I am 32. I tried everything, but nothing worked (nor sodium bicarbonate powder). My body just smelled that way that people used to step back from me :(. I am good looking girl, so imagine... One year ago I stopped using anything as deodorant/antiperspirant. I use Zinc Oxide powder mixed with water. It works magic on me somehow. Was there any study been done about this solution? Is it working for other people too? Actually I dont mind to be a part of a 'testing group' or something.
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Question posted by Adnil
Is there something special I can wash my armpits in? After getting out of the shower or a bath my armpits still smell slightly, Even if I double wash.
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Question posted by Pamela
What can i buy 4 him so his armpit can smell nice.he realy turns me off.....
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Question posted by Be
I am 20 years old, a healthy eater an excerciser. I have never had a real issue with body odor and I have always worn deodorant. In the last couple weeks I have noticed my armpits smell really bad. Not the sour body odor when you sweat or don't wear deodorant, but a thick old powdery smell. I started putting on deodorant more frequently, but now it happens after only 10 minutes of wearing any kind of deodorant I've tried. I actually smell better not wearing it but if I sweat even a little I have regular body odor so that's not an option either. It's all of a sudden and it's killing me that I smell bad wearing deodorant.
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Question posted by kelly
I have used antiperspirants for about 5 years. Recently I have suddenly aquired itchy and abnormally stinky armpits. Even after a shower it seems right away they smell again. I have stopped use of deodorant for the moment but my pits still feel sticky when I'm not sweating and smelly.
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Question posted by GmanR
Hello I am a 17 year old male and I have recently had armpit issues. Before this school year, I have never had really any armpit problems. I guess it all started at the beginning of the school year. In the mornings I have team sports (basically basketball) well I started to notice that my armpits got really sweaty even when I wasn't even in class yet. I would just be standing around waiting for us to start and my armpits started to sweat. Sooner or later my armpits kind of started to somewhat sour I guess because of the constant moisture or something? No matter how much I put on "antiperspirant" deodorant, the smell and sweat seemed to just eat right through it. It didn't really matter what kind of deodorant I put on. Eventually, the sweating slowed down and the sour smell kind of went away but then it really started to smell bad. It was a really strong stinky odor at some times like onions or something. It's still persistent now and I would really really really like your help on this issue of mine please! Thank you for your time, GmanR
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Question posted by Alli
I have never had problems with b.o. In fact even when I work out I smell a little salty, but my arm pits rarely smell bad. Even my husband agrees with me. But all of a sudden after the holidays my arm pits smell like b.o. I feel like ALL the time. After I take a shower I smell fine, but it seems like as soon as I get dressed and do anything I stink. I haven't changed medications or anything recently. I did get sick so was taking zinc, garlic, vit b, and vit C, but I have stopped that for at least a week and still smell horrible. Should I be concerned?
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Question posted by Jen
Hello. Im a body odor sufferer. Ive been reading about you and so happy that you are looking into an issue that affects all humans! But your research looks into the bacteria on the outside of the skin correct? But the smelly bacteria originates from the glands inside the armpit? so any external remedy would only be temporary right? since the main problem comes from the inside, maybe you should look at gland remedies as well. Just hoping to add some my opinion. Nothing i have put externally has ever fixed my armpit odor. Thanks
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Question posted by Poooo
In one day, my thoughts would mostly be, "Do I smell?" and "Do I need to re-spray perfume?" (for the nth time for the day). I can feel that my social life is really affected with this problem of mine (e.g not attending in parties I've been invited to, not being able to speak in front of many people, and many more). How do I know if I give off that stinky smell? I smell nothing on my clothes right after I change but there are really times when I smell something coming from the insides of my clothing.
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