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Question posted by Marc
Geachte dokter, Ik heb een probleem met mijn oksels. Als ik een deo probeer te gebruiken dan krijg ik een reactie onder mijn oksels. Verder komt het ook voor als ik deo gebruik op mijn borst. Ik heb al mijn haran verwijdert onder mijn armen maar dat maakt allemaal niet uit. Kan u mij een oplossing bieden? Ik hoor het graag. Mvg, Marc Jaspers
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Question posted by Mike
Hello Dr. Armpit, I am looking to participate in your study of body odor. My situation is very unique and Im hoping i can be of help. I always had hyperhydrosis when I was younger, immense sweating, however little body odor, not enough to where it was getting in the way of my life. In 2004 I tried botox to alleviate the sweating. What happened was that all my sweating ceased...I went from 100% sweating, to very little maybe 10% problem. However what developed was a massive body odor problem. So strong that no deodorant could control, and enough to where as i walk by people, people begin to massively cough and sneeze. I have been approached numerous times about how strong the odor is. My dermatologist said that possibly my sweat washed away the bacteria, but with the botox leaving me without any sweat, the body odor was stronger than before. Unfortunately the effects of botox never reversed, and I have a permanent paralysis of the nerves....Sweating is no longer my problem, but body odor is. Deoderant does not cover up the smell, and seems to make people cough more with it on. I was hoping to find another solution which would kill the bacteria right from the start and not mask it. Would your solution work on me? could I try it here in America? Thank you for looking into a problem which no doctor I ever went to even cared about. This problem has ruined every aspect of my life and left me severely depressed as I don't even leave my house anymore. Thanks
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Question posted by Dr Oreo
I've had suffered from perspiration in my armpits for as long as I can remember. Most deodorants gave me rashes, aluminum based antiperspirants were partially effective but for some reason my body seemed to develop an "immunity" towards them and after some months they would no longer stop perspiration, odor, and ended up staining my clothes. I eventually accepted the fact that I can't seem to stop perspiration. However, from doing some research it seems that if I can change slightly the Ph level on the armpits I could maybe stop the odor producing bacteria from developing... so... I've found vinegar to be an effective deodorant. Granted, I smell like vinegar for a couple of minutes but after that the smell goes away. Also, I avoid synthetic clothing since it seems to retain humidity (and thus become stinky). Finally, I wear lighted colored clothing and for "special occasions" like customer meetings, presentations, etc, I try to use some undearm pad that would absorb sweat... So, I'm hoping that Dr. Armpit can make some revolutionary discovery that will hopefully solve the smell problem in a more natural way!
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Question posted by Tony
Do apocrine secretions have any odor, before bacterial action?
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Question posted by ues15
What do you know about the miraDry procedure that is now available in the US? Would this treatment help with odor reduction?
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Question posted by Morgie
Years ago I went to a dermatologist with itchy dry skin. He basically said, "You don't get dirty. Just wash the 'naughty bits.'" To this day, I can go days without bathing, or merely wash with water, and while I smell like me, its not stinky body odor! I don't use deodorants or antiperspirants, because in Florida, the latter isn't really effective in the summertime anyway. This is kind of a very personal situation, because it's not the sort of thing you want to share with anyone! Thanks!
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Question posted by Janice
Are there any topical probiotics or deoderant containing a probiotic that might be effective? I don't sweat like I did as a teenager, but definitely I'm sure others would agree my hedonic value is negative to quite negative!
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Question posted by Mickey
I have used the above stick for years and NEVER had a smelly pit. It is the old "rock" that used to be sold in natural supplement stores/vitamin stores. Walgreen's still carries it. It lasts about 2 years! I am a sweater and know that it is good to sweat. I hate anti perspirants because they cause stickiness and rashes.
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Question posted by JP
I just saw an article in the Washington Post about your talk on underarm body odor. Thank you so much for talking about this and researching the subject. I have a condition called hyperhidrosis, which makes me prone to skin issues. It has ruined many parts of my life specifically the chance to succeed at a vocation and having a normal social life. Could you please tell me if there is research going on anywhere in the U.S. like what you are doing? Could you also tell me of ways to increase good bacteria on the skin? I am praying God blesses you and your research is fruitful so that I and others can benefit. Respectfully, JP
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Question posted by Eutamias
Fresh lemon juice. Squeeze it into your fingers and gently(!) rub it onto your underarm. If you have severe body odor, it will be 95% gone. If you have just bathed, it will prevent it from developing. (Ladies, do this the day AFTER you've shaved) Now the question: Is this because (fresh) lemon juice is a natural antiseptic? Is this killing all the bacteria, both good and bad?
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Question posted by X
Do you have an idea when this treatment is available for patients? Or is there going to be a new studie?
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Question posted by Deei
In "Scheire en de Schepping" zei u dat de behandeling gebeurt tussen verwanten. Is dat om medische of om ethische redenen, en welke?
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