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Question posted by Tanya L
Dear Dr. Armpit! I have not just smelly armpits, but smelly feet as well! I have a condition called pitted keratolysis. So bunch of bacteria drilled it's way into the skin of my soles and I presume, eating away at my epidermis! I noticed that cotton socks and leather shoes tend to cause less stinky odor. I was wondering, how the microbial communities on my feet differ from those on my armpits? Thanks!
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Question posted by t
After giving birth to my son every deodorant or antiperspirant I put on smells so strong on me to the point where I offend people with my strong deodorant smell and every unscented deodorant makes me smell worse what is wrong with me ?
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Question posted by Caitlyn
I'm allergic to pot. I don't do it, and I keep it away from myself to avoid the allergic reaction that it causes. However sometimes (usually) when I'm really stressed or unhappy, I start suffering light allergy symptoms, and people around me will point out that suddenly my armpits reek of pot. Often the change is gradual enough that I don't notice unless I stick my nose down there and sniff. Taking a shower helps a bit, but after scrubbing thoroughly, sometimes my armpits still reek. Normally I don't use products on my armpits. Usually people like my natural smell, but I do use raw scent amber when I'm going dancing (not often the last few years). Lately, when the pot smell creeps in, I've been using small amounts of lavender or tea tree oil to help bring it under control so that I don't have an allergic reaction to my own body. Do you have any idea what causes that particular smell, and if there is a a way to prevent it happening? If I try searching on google I find a handful of other people asking the same thing (who also don't smoke) being told by stoners that its from smoking too much pot. Which is clearly and blatantly untrue in my case since I can't even have the raw plant near me, let alone the smoke. Any light you can shed would be greatly appreciated, and if you haven't encountered it before I would even be willing to try to get you armpit samples. I really want to know why this happens so that maybe I can prevent it.
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Question posted by Isabel
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Question posted by Sadan Yagci
I've been doing some experiments with autonomic responses. One of them led to a discovery that the body instinctively wants to clean skin and hair with massage-like rubbing and water-only. I've always had stinky armpits, even after trying to wash it out and cover it up, since I was young. However, this solves that smell problem. I'd like to get your opinion on this.
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Question posted by KM
I have always been very smelly. I also am unable to use commercial deoderant because it irritates my skin to the point of painful boils. Even natural / homemade deodorants with baking soda irritate my skin too much. For some health reasons, I had to radically change my diet (basically I went paleo). I noticed that my smell changed dramatically and I sweat much less! Now I do not wear deodorant on a regular basis, which for casual interaction is generally fine (I think?), unless I eat something that is not longer within my diet. However, there is still some light smell that remains even after washing. I also found that coffee / caffeine was the WORST offender for my body odor. I also suspect based on the things I've had to cut out that dietary nickel may be the component of my restricted foods that exacerbates the odor.
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Question posted by TDKNYC
Science says, "oder causing bacteria" I've held a long time secret in this .... it's called get rid of the bacteria and notice the smell is gone! I've had a long time battle as, no deoderants seem to keep me protected thru the day, even tho I shower, scrub with soap and a wash cloth and use deoderant daily sometimes twice daily. So.... especially in polyester shirts it is hard to protect. BUT!!! Here's MY SECRET WEAPON and it works... even instead of deoderant or in addition to as needed while out..... go to the ladies room and apply antibacterial gel and rub it in under your armpits. I like bath and body works juniper breeze scent best. This is easy to store in your pocket or purse and you will NEVER EVER smell again! You're welcome. Please share with the world! :) TDK-NYC
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Question posted by rebecca
Anyone know why my armpit order smells like onions? And the weird thing is I hate onions and never eat them
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Question posted by Georgia
Have you done any research on diet related to arm pit smell? Can tell you personally diet makes a big difference in most people. There is also a nervous factor. Nerveousness is a different issue as it creates smelly arm pits for most no matter what! Lots of fruits & vegies help feed or starve smelly bugs. Seems the more junk food the stinkier the pits. Have seen this in many folks.
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Question posted by Pdx, OR
Dear Chris, I am very interested in learning more about your research, as I have tried what seems like everything in every way to minimize, reduce and eliminate my body odor. Introducing good bacteria sounds promising, and you mentioned in your Ted talk that the outcome of the transplant is determined by the source of that good bacteria and whether or not it comes from a family member for someone unrelated. If possible, can you include my contact information in your database for future updates/further conversation? Thank you for providing some hope on this taboo topic!!! Hartstrom@gmail.com
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Question posted by Trisha
Have you researched the effects of sun on these bacteria? I have found that most times the clothing is more stinky than the person wearing it. Hanging our stinky clothes out in the sun is the only way I've found to get rid of the smell. Most detergents just mask the smell with perfume, and we can't go that road because of contact dermatitis.
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Question posted by Stacey Bower
While my son was at an academy for young men, he came to the conclusion that those who ate their vegetables were less odorous than those who did not. Do you think diet plays a role in underarm odor?
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Question posted by Morena
I find that when I eat a mostly plant based diet, my body odor is less, if non existent. If I eat beef or pork more than 2 days in a row, I can't stand to smell myself and am embarrassed to be around anyone else.
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Question posted by JC
Hi! I am really curious because my husband has barely ANY stinky-human smell at all. The lack of smell in the armpit area is particularly intriguing. Even after 4 days of no showering, the armpit has nary a trace of stinky armpit smell. His clothes, even when dirty, don't really smell (like, ahem, mine do). Why are some people not-so-stinky?
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Question posted by QTP
My father had an amazing way to combat armpit odor - instead of applying deodorant in the morning, he would rub Isopropyl alcohol in his armpits. It took a while, but my mom and I have converted and it works! Now to just get rid of smelly shirts... Microwave?
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Question posted by Teacher
A teach 10 year old kids. Every year there is one or two kids that will run most adults out of the room with armpit odor. However, I have noticed some adults complain about extremely strong odors from a kid that another adult can not smell at all. Also, often the kid's peers to not notice. How different are a person's a ability to smell B.O. It also seems that sometimes kids will have very much stronger body odor for awhile than any adults, I assume that is related to the up and down beginnings of hormonal changes.
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Question posted by Jan Bogaerts
Hi, Perhaps a small observation that I made over the years. Let me start by noting that I have crohn's disease (under control, only taking curcuma). This often causes blockages in my back and neck. Interestingly enough, this produces a stronger smell under 1 armpit (the side that is in trouble). In fact, these days, I use a smelly armpit as an early indicator that something is stuck in the back or neck. I can 'unblock' this myself, which takes away the stronger smell almost immediately. I don't know what the relationship is between the 2, it could be as simple as 'extra tension in the muscles' caused by the blockage, which produces more sweat (pure guess). Anyway, you probably already know this, but nerveless, I thought it would be interesting to share. Cheers, Jan. Contact: jan.bogaerts@telenet.be
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Question posted by Karen
I have strong body odor and would like to take part in any trial you have. I live in California. How can i join?
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Question posted by Fabie
Beste chris, ikzelf ben heel vlug allergisch aan synthetische deodoranten...daarom gebruik ik nu als deodorant MOLKOSAN van A. vOGEL...dat is een soort melkwei uit de natuurwinkel die gebruikt wordt als drankje ter ondersteuning van de spijsvertering...ik doe elke morgen wat van die liquide op een wattenschijfje en wrijf het goedje dat er een beetje uitziet als urine, en heel vlugtig een beetje zurig ruikt, onder de beide oksels..en weg is de vervelende ammoniakgeur, ...voor een hele dag!!!
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Question posted by Marc
Geachte dokter, Ik heb een probleem met mijn oksels. Als ik een deo probeer te gebruiken dan krijg ik een reactie onder mijn oksels. Verder komt het ook voor als ik deo gebruik op mijn borst. Ik heb al mijn haran verwijdert onder mijn armen maar dat maakt allemaal niet uit. Kan u mij een oplossing bieden? Ik hoor het graag. Mvg, Marc Jaspers
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