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Question posted by Hey, my armpits smell like crap, Doctor Armpit.
My armpits still smell after taking a shower. Like onions sometimes. Other than that, it's just my natural smell. Also, why do my shoulders smell? There's a bunch of acne there and some acne scars.
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Question posted by ponderoso
So yeah, left armpit smells worse than the right what's up with that?
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Question posted by EMN
Congratulations on your research appointment to the Knight Lab at UCSD! My sister and I struggle with underarm odor - she lives about 20 minutes from UCSD and I am near there almost every week for work. It would be an honor to be part of your research if you need any subjects. Side note... after not using any underarm cosmetics for months with mixed results, I was on vacation in the Bahamas recently and did not have any stink there or since I returned a few weeks ago. I was on a sailboat for 7 days and in the water frequently. I'm wondering if it was all the salt water? Praying the stink stays away!
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Question posted by Liz
So I have to horrible smell and I would start to use deorant and it does not help it makes it worse than it was. And now that I work in a place the I have to be well groomed and cleaned and having the smell on has made me horrified to go to work. I tried lemon juice for a few days. Everything was going fine until I got a rash under both armpits and it's painful. I have to put on aloe Vera on but I only started last night and I don't if that helps. I don't know what to do. I'm scared that one day one of my managers are gonna tell me to leave for the day cause I stink. I serously don't know what to do. Help me please.
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Question posted by patrice
lately my armpits suddenly smell bad, the smell is not that strong but im sure anyone could smell it. Before my armpits did not smell as fast as now, im a teenager, 17, but i think the hormonal changes in my armpit should be over by now... tell me what you know, thanks.
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Question posted by Jassie
Normally my armpit stink only when I sweat a lot but nowadays it's just stinks so bad even when I'm not sweating. Is it because I change my diet? Is it because I shave? I really want to know the cause and I want to end this stink! Please help!
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Question posted by J Debald
Hello ! We are working on a new formula of natural deodarant, based on a short pH-modification and absorption. We would like to find a scientific partner for testing different formulas. Perhaps can you give us some hints ? Thank you very much. J Debald PS : just a little complementary question : did you test the impact of alimentation on transpiration and odour ? What is the influence of the proteine-quantity, of the sugar quantity, of the pH of food ? Does the hormonal female cycle influence the odour ?
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Question posted by Hopeful
Hi dr armpit, my armpits smell EXACTLY THE SAME if I shower twice a day vs not at all. How can I stimulate good bacteria growth or is this impossible? Also, when are you going to do your next trial and how can I be a part of it?
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Question posted by Jay
Hi ... So I have tried almost most body washes, I can never get the my armpits to have a "nothing"/ normal clean smell. I shower 2 times a day so it's not that I'm dirty ...!!! The only thing, I have found out of random, is that when I swim in a chlorine pool that it takes the smell away and then I have like 2 days in which the smell grows back to normal
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Question posted by NoNo
I use a fruity smelling deodorant for a few years, and for about a week now it smells bitter, and more like ammonia or floral perfum.. Almost like a mans deodorant? What could have caused this? And how do I fix it? Is my body in need of a new deodorant?
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Question posted by Obvious
99% of the questions asked here have already been answered. Please just read the Q&A from the beginning (including the answers) and read the Research. Maybe then the good doctor won't be so bogged down from getting the same exact questions over and over again and he can answer the new questions (and more importantly, focus on his research so we can all benefit from it!)
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Question posted by Nathan
I'll get out of the shower, and my pits will smell bad, usually my right one just a tad, and my left it REALLY bad. Don't get it.
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Question posted by EM
I am curious about your thoughts on whether laser hair removal and/or electrolysis of armpit hair will reduce armpit odor. If I understand the process correctly, permanent hair removal damages or destroys the follicle. Since the apocrine gland is only located within the hair follicle shaft... does damage/destruction of the follicle also close the pathway for apocrine gland secretion? I ask all this because I had laser hair removal in my armpits and currently doing electrolysis to get the stray hairs the laser missed. I have not noticed a reduction in body odor, but I tend to only stink when I am stressed. For example, I rarely stink even after strenuous and sweaty 8 mile hike ... but in 1 second during a stressful telephone call with my boss, I have extreme odor that will not subside all day. I do not wear any deodorant or anti-perspirant since reading the Dr. Armpit web site, so I'm trying to get my armpit biome back in balance. I am looking forward to the products produced by your research!
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Question posted by Smelly mcgre
Why does 1 armpit stink
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Question posted by shy
I have tried different brands of deodorant but none works for me. this problem of smelly armpits started when I was 15 even now I still smell bad. when I sit next to people they cover their nose pls help
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Question posted by Patricia Figueredo
My armpit smell bad since I was a teenager. I have tried many natural remedies unsuccessfully. The smell get stack in clothes and towels. It is a problem for me being a women because women don't smell bad. Man do :). In your TED talk you said that you are looking for subjects for your research. I would like to volunteer, if you have a trial of a non invasive procedure. My email address is patricia_figueredop@yahoo.com. Thanks, Patricia
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Question posted by Problem!
Dear Dr. Armpit, When I use my towels under my armpits - to dry them off- they end up smelling bad after one or two days. Is this problem due to bacteria?
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Question posted by Stephanie
What do you think about the topical application of Apple cider vinegar? Could this eliminate the malodorous bacteria?
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Question posted by Kim
Hello, I have suffered with body odor for years especially underarm. I don't know what else to do. I have tried everything. Please help
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Question posted by Melonie
My niece probably right after hitting puberty has always had really bad BO...at first I thought maybe she wasnt showering as often as she should....but now that she is older (18) and she has stayed with me more than once. I see that she showers and applies deodorant right after and her armpits still smell like onions( which she doesnt even eat) ....its bad. She gets so embarrassed about it, and she has tried so many different deodorants even mens. What could be causing this? What can she do to make it better?
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