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Question posted by jenna
how do you change the ph level of your armpit? i feel like mine is way to alkaline. also can thyroid problems create body odor? both my mom and grandma have thyroid problems. what would the smell be like? thanks!
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Question posted by Kate
Hi Dr. Armpit! I am a teenage girl and have suffered from a strong "onion" odor emitting from my armpits for about three years now that has completely thwarted my confidence and socially isolated me. This odor developed slowly. At first it was manageable with a swipe of deodorant and longer showers, but then as puberty came along, it began to get out of hand. I would take extra-long, hot showers and slap on the soap & lotion. Then, five minutes out of the shower, I would smell it again. So I decided to combat it with a wide variety of deodorants and antiperspirants. I would irregularly apply a deodorant/antiperspirant from a selection of about five. (The WORST thing to do, I know that now:) Intense stress and bad eating habits may have also played a major role. It got so bad that I would reapply deodorant every ten to fifteen minutes. I took a hair analysis test which showed high toxicity levels in my body, so I stopped using antiperspirant (aluminium toxicity). Finally, I decided to change. I began to sauna and eat healthier. In the sauna I would smell great, but as soon as I showered and gave it a few hours, the onion odor would appear again. The onion odor could not physically be covered by any type of deodorant or antiperspirant, so I stopped using it. This is serious- I have known the smell to be able to reach people ten feet away. My friend has confirmed this. Your TedX talk and website are leading me to believe that I have totally destroyed my underarm biome, allowing the bad bacteria to override the good. I have spent hours researching and tried multiple home remedies (baking soda, lemon, tea tree oil, vinegar etc.) and have only found temporary 'cures.' I am taking vitamins and probiotics, which don't seem to significantly help. Which leads me to my question- What do you think about my body odor problem? Is there a way to kill off the bad and leave the good? How do I SPECIFICALLY kill the bacteria responsibly for an 'onion' odor? Is there anyway that I can restore the good bacteria once and for all? I have tried the AOBiome Mist spray, but it did not help as it did not target the bacteria responsible for an 'onion' odor. Are there any tests I should take to rule out metabolic disorders? Any dietary changes that could potentially help my recovery? Should I look into metabolic disorders, or is it bacterial? And finally, is it something to do with my digestive system? I get bloated after mealtimes (severe bloating), feel nausea, and my bowel movements are very loose and smelly. Should I take chlorophyll? Or do a certain detox? Thank you, THANK YOU, so much for your time. I look forward to reading your reply. I really need someone to help me before I spiral down into a depression, and I hope you can help me. Thanks, Kate
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Question posted by Kim
No matter what I do, no matter switching from aluminim free, no deodorant is a match for my left pit. Help!
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Question posted by Brittney Phillips
I am a female, and am right handed. I don't get why my left armpit gets smellier than my right! Why would this be? Ive always heard it can be smellier due to hormones, etc.. Please help! Lol Thanks
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Question posted by tommyt
I had arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder 10 days ago 3 incisions on the top and one under the arm (armpit area) Now I have this body oder that I can smell even right after I shower. I am one who does not use deodorant as I have no oder and never have. My left side is fine as it always was.What is causing this and will I go back to normal.
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Question posted by Tatiana
when I sweat my armpits always get this rash and it itches but I can't scratch it cause my armpit literally burst open into cracks and it dries and when I rub on it dust comes of well my skin. they have a really bad Oder
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Question posted by Tinyloves666.th
My armpits smell like when u first get a piercing it smeels like its infected no matter what I do
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Question posted by Maverick
Hello Dr. Armpit, My brother only sweats from his left armpit. The right armpit does not seem to produce any sweat. My brother is in his late 20s and he only noticed this a few years ago. He is a competitive athlete and I would say he is a healthy guy. Should he be concerned about his inactive, right axillary apocrine sweat glands? Thank you for your time, Maverick
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Question posted by Jules
Nylon fabric seems to promote less BO than polyester fabric in shirts and briefs. At least in my experience. Do you have any biological explanation for this?
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Question posted by keneilwe
i have an odour problem,my doctor gave me doxycyl and said i should drink 2 tablets instead of 1,but that also does not work this is embarrassing what can i do to solve this problem?
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Question posted by Jennifer
Hi, I have a strong body odor since as far as I can remember, probably birth and even out of the shower there is an odor. I don't sweat a lot at all. I would be interested in participating in any studies you are doing for body odor not just underarm odor. Thanks
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Question posted by EVH
Dear Chris, you asked me a while ago to keep in touch about the treatment my doctor recommended me. I ended up opting for the long-term use of oxybutynine (3 times 2,5mg/day), since it seemed to have lesser aggressive side-effects than the 2 week doxycycline + fusion cream antibiotics cure. On the 3rd day of taking oxybutinine, the sweating as well as the bad odour completely disappeared. I have been taking the drug for I think 3-4 months now and I haven't been having any problems or outbreaks since then!!! For the first time in five years or so! My armpits are always dry now and don't smell at all anymore! It really is a life-changer for me so far.. So I, as promised, come back on your platform to share my experience. I hope this option can help more people, as a temporary measure though. Indeed, if I quit taking the medication, the sweating and odour will come back. I have actually tried to reduce the prescribed dosis to 1x2,5mg a day, but then the ills come back pretty quickly. I am currentling taking 2x2,5mg/a day and it works out pretty ok. I sometimes smell a little bit but not in a dramatic way. My doctor explained that oxybutynine has an effect on the parasympaticus, and not on bacteria eradication (like in the case of the doxycycline+fusidin antibiotics cure). Still, it works out great for me so I thought this might also be valuable information for you, Chris. I still hope you will find a cure. It is amazing to no longer have bromhidrosis right now thanks to the medication, but it is still not ideal. You just want to feel normal.. and not be dependent on 3 pills a day to be able to feel as such. Keep up the good work and good luck to all of you. Kind regards, EVH (ps: perhaps someone wants to give the 2 week cure a try and report how that worked out for him/her?)
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Question posted by tennessee grandma
after many years with no armpit odor, why would it start again?
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Question posted by TranGiaPhu
I suffered this illness for 10 years, Now, i can not endure it any more. I have try many way to control it but the illness still there. aluminum chlorohydrate (deodotants just has 16%) => not working Surgery => not working Use many different deodotants => not working You are the last evolution for me. Please help me, now i don't have any hope. I am using 100% of aluminum chlorohydrate and i can fell that it makes me healthy weakly. This is my email : trangiaphu0605@gmail.com
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Question posted by ElectraLou
So I've always been a sweaty gal, but the sweat has generally been close to odorless. As of a few months ago, my right armpit started getting very stinky. Not only that, but the smell doesn't scrub away with soap like on the other side when I sweat. I can literally come out of the shower and there is still a lingering smell. What is going on???
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Question posted by Milio
Beste, Ik heb reeds jaren last van lijfgeur... Mijn levenskwaliteit is hierdoor ontzettend laag. Hoewel ik last heb van okselgeur, heb ik toch eerder het gevoel dat het over héél mijn lijf is. In mijn puberteit ben ik hierdoor héél hard beginnen rebelleren. Hoewel ik verschillende dokters heb bezocht, was er niemand die ook maar één zinnig onderzoek deed of wou doen. Ik weet dat uw onderzoek zich focust op okselgeur. Ontvang je hiervoor nog steeds patienten? Ik zou zo graag dit onderzoek doen...
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Question posted by Michael
What is you opinion about using baking soda as a deodorant? Some suggest using it pure and others suggest mixing it with coconut oil and cornstarch.
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Question posted by Roxie
Hi Dr. Armpit I'm 29 yrs old female and for the past 3 going on 4 weeks my right armpit is smelly. I never had bad armpit smell before so its freaking me out. I didn't have to use deodorant on my days off from work -it was a house rule growing up so its a habit- However I find myself wearing deodorant almost everyday and taking more showers than usual. Which isn't good for my Chronic Urticaria. (Which is under control for the past 8 yrs) The only medication that I'm under is my antihistamines; Atarax and Benadryl. Which I have been under for years so no change in that department. I don't drink alcohol nor do drugs. I don't eat meat because of my allergies so I'm not sure what's going on. Sometimes I do break out in the hives on the smelly pit but it only happened a handful of times and the centella cream calmed that down. But the smell is annoying me. Please help.
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Question posted by Adrian
Hi Chris. Just wanted to say a big thanks for giving your time to this issue. Means so much to so many of us. Anyway in your presentation you mention that regular people will smell bad if they don't shower for a week. Has bad bacteria proliferated on their skin in that case? Is this different to what us afflicted people have? Just something I was curious about..
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Question posted by c'est moi
can smelly armpit self-correct when stop using all deodorants? i would like to stop using anything to see if the smell will go away by itself. can bacteria be transferred from one armpit to the other due to deodorant? can bacteria live on deodorant? can bacteria transfer to new person via shared deodorant or clothes? washing armpit does nothing. no matter how long or what soap. i smell worse sometimes. i don't dry them w/ towels anymore b/c they stink up the towel and multiply. the best solution to rid smell out of shirts is boiling them in water on stove for about 10 minutes. kills bacteria. i made deo using straight apple cider vinegar. it worked for a while, but bacteria got hip to the game and now seem to just have a party when i use the vinegar. i will gladly participate in research as someone to study as well as share what i've learned so far. thank you! cm @^_^@
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