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Question posted by SeeSee
Good morning! Over the past few months I have noticed my right armpit having a horrible, rancid smell while the other one doesn't. I have been using deodorant without aluminium for quite some time now, but this development of the smell is more recent. I really do not know why one is so horrible why the other one has barely any smell whatsoever. It's driving me crazy and it's really embarassing. By the way, I am female in my mid 20s. Thank you.
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Question posted by Jencocoa
Greetings! This website is quite fascinating for me, so thank you! I have found that my own homemade deodorant is more effective than store brands of either antiperspirant or deodorant. I use a mixture of coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, baking soda, arrowroot powder, citric acid, and essential oils of lavender and tea tree. But if I am reading this website correctly adding fats like coconut oil or cocoa butter to the auxillary area may actually be improving the environment for corynebacterium and thus increasing the likelyhood of bad odors. In addition, my recipe ends up being very pH neutral which seems to also aid the corynebacterium. So if I used a spritz of water, alcohol, essential oils, and citric acid to a pH of about 6.5 would this be a better method of controlling the offending bacteria? Or if I get my deodorant recipe to a lower pH, would that improve my chances of increasing the less odiferous bacteria? Thanks in advance for your help!
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Question posted by Moon
Like others I have one smelly armpit while the other has no smell at all. My theories include antibiotic ointment used on the area years ago that disrupted the natural bacterial balance, and another theory that there is an imbalance between the left and right meridians of the body somehow. My left armpit has more hair, smells more, and not only that I find the left side of my body is more sensitive and reactive. For example, a bout of shingles only produced lesions on the left side, and I have lower pain tolerance on the left side. Not sure if it's just coincidence but maybe something worth investigating. Although the left underarm is smellier, the right armpit sweats more. Perhaps a block in toxin release from too many years of antiperspirant
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Question posted by Mermaid
Hi Dr.Armpit. I have a question, My armpits ruin my clothes. Whenever I wear shirts a couple times, they get a musty smell and I've tried everything to wash the, (alcohol, Febreeze,etc.). Nothing seems to work so I have to throw them out after a couple wears. I've done the Mirady procedure to destroy my apocrine glands, but I still smell very bad by the end of the day. Any suggestions? Should I get a full blood test? I know that I'm anemic...
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Question posted by rhea bhagia
i shower every day with body soap but if i rub my armpit there is still bad smells. why is that
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Question posted by anonymous
Hello, in your PhD there was one long-term (>3 month) solution to a twin, right? Is he still saved from the body odor, a year later? I might try it with my brother or sister, although that might give a weird conversation first. Many thanks for your research topic, it gives me hope.
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Question posted by Bert
Hi Chris, a couple of posts back, I heard you talking about the fact that it is hard to get funding for your project. Is it still a problem? Kind regards
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Question posted by madora
Do you have a product to sell
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Question posted by Marni
I too have been suffering from bad armpit odor for many years. Switching antiperspirants used to work, until it didn't. Using my husbands deodorant worked for a time, and then it too stopped working. Showering using unscented soap seemed to help as well. One day I tried a homemade deodorant made up of coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder and essential oil. I thought I found my go to deodorant, but then after two months it also stopped working. I come out of the shower after washing my armpits repeatedly with unscented soap and I now have one armpit that smells door free but the other skunky. This is so frustrating!
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Question posted by Juanita Evans
I am a 33 year old wife and mother to 2 boys. I have been suffering with smelly armpits since having my first child that is like 10+ years. I have tried everything. It is starting to ruin my everyday life. I always on guard and embarrassed as if everyone around me smells me. :(
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Question posted by Pat
Lately I've notice a strong odor in my armpit even right after showering. I sweat very little under the arms or anywhere else, but use an underarm antiperspirant every day. At t h e same time, I am noticing a foul odor from my vagina even right after showering. I have practically no hair in that area, so I know its coming from the vagina. Can you help me
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Question posted by EvH
Dear Armpit Dr, I have messaged you two times earlier already in the past year. As you asked me to keep in touch about any progress, here I am again. I may have some good news for some of your readers. I went to see a bioresonant therapist. He performed a small bloodtest (by means of a sting in the finger) and looked at it under the microscope. He noticed my bloodcells were abnormal (in a "rouleau" shape, which means the level of acidity in the blood is too high). In my case it was way too high. In order to de-acidify my blood/body, he advised me to take baths in Epsom Salt (which is a natural salt, composed of magnesium and sulphate - I had to start with 200g and increase the dosis gradually for every new baths taken. Two baths max. a week, min. 20 minutes) and to drink Koemis Koetjing (2 cups a day, during three weeks). (Cutting on sugars is also recommended (also being white pasta, white rice, etc) but you may try the baths first, and if it doesn't work cutting on the sugars will be a must I guess). Surprisingly, after having taken 4 baths my bromhidrosis was completely gone! I actually had no idea the acidity level of my blood would be related to my bromhidrosis problem. I have been completely symptom-free for a month now, which hadn't happened to me in the past 5 years. Indeed, there was - without exaggerating - not a single day, from getting up to going to bed, of which the bromhidrosis did not prevail. If you don't have a bathtub, you could try footpaths (using 200g of Epsom Salt) however, I do not know if the same successful results can be achieved as I did. Perhaps it will take longer, but still be beneficial in the end. Some of your readers may have a too high level of acidity, causing their bromhidrosis. I hope this post will make people aware to get this detail checked! For me, this visit to the bioresonant was truly life-changing. Now I can quit the 3 pills a day I had to take to stop the bromhidrosis (as I posted earlier on your Q&A), I have no longer have to deal with its side-effects and with the problem actually not being solved in the core. I plan to keep on taking baths with Epsom salt now and then in order to prevent my blood from turning acid. During the christmas holidays I have eaten lots of chocolate and sugars, and I notice the odor is slightly coming back. But how it is now is definitely liveable, as being symptom-free is just one bath away. Good luck to you all!
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Question posted by Brooke
Are you available for hire as a consultant? If so, how may I contact you privately? Thank you Dr. Callewaert.
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Question posted by Bob
Hi Chris, I want to ask regarding Eve's question with title Greatly Reduced Armpit Odor. Why do you think her decision to stop using all cosmetics products worked in reducing her armpit odor? Because, what I understand from your blog and your academic article is not compatible to each other. I think that when we change our daily habit, particularly stopping or changing the cosmetic products usage on our axilliary, our microbiome on the axilliary will just get worsen. So, if she decided to stop applying cosmetics on her underarm, her odor might be aggravated? Is that true? Kind regards
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Question posted by Chris James
My left arm pit always smells, it smells before and after a shower. My girlfriend didn't believe me, so we showered together. After i scrubbed it viscously with a fresh fragranced shower gel, the smell still lingered. The right arm put smells rarely, and only after exercise, or a long duration without washing. Deodorant doesn't help, what could the causes be?
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Question posted by Eve
I used to have really smelly pits, no matter what I did. By reading the Dr. Armpit blog and putting the tips into action, I greatly reduced my armpit odor to only occasional slight smell. First, I stopped using antiperspirants and deodorants. I had laser hair removal, so shaving isn't an issue. I shower twice daily with a natural, unscented soap made from coconuts, and wear only shirts made from natural fabrics like 100% cotton, linen, silk, and wool. I wash my bras after each use (they are synthetic fabric, but washing after each wear seems to keep the smell down). Most days I apply nothing to my pits after showering, but once in a while if there is any stink I wipe my pits with isopropyl alcohol wipes. It's amazing that these small changes really worked well. My husband no longer complains about me being stinky, which has really improved our relationship! Thanks Dr. Armpit!! You are a real blessing to the World!!
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Question posted by david
why when put on deodorant one armpit stinks and the other doesnt is that something to be concerned with or not
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Question posted by KC
I just watched your TEDx Talk and broke down in tears. I have literally tried everything from changing my diet, using homemade deodorants, magnesium spray and various supplements. I have been dealing with this problem for over 30 years. Some years have been better than others but it has been ongoing and at times debilitating socially and professionally. How can I be a subject for your research trials? I am in California but I will come there. I just want the frustration with this ongoing problem that I've had to stop once and for all.
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Question posted by Sandra
Hello, I've struggled with really smelly armpits ever since high school. People make jokes, sniff, and whisper behind my back all the time. I've cried so much because of the embarrassment, people's behavior toward me, and the loneliness that comes with it. I recently quit my job because I couldn't take it anymore. I've become socially isolated, and rarely speak to people except for a few friends at work. I'm still finding ways to cope with this. I feel so much better sending this message. I know I'm not alone, and this forum proves it. Thank you
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Question posted by Jo
By the end of the day my right arm pit stinks and my left is normal. I am not excessively sweating. I sit at a desk all day and am not a particularly sweating person. I am concerned that my stinky armpit is being caused by an underlining health issue. Should I be concerned? What can I do to combat this odor?
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