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Question posted by Eve
I used to have really smelly pits, no matter what I did. By reading the Dr. Armpit blog and putting the tips into action, I greatly reduced my armpit odor to only occasional slight smell. First, I stopped using antiperspirants and deodorants. I had laser hair removal, so shaving isn't an issue. I shower twice daily with a natural, unscented soap made from coconuts, and wear only shirts made from natural fabrics like 100% cotton, linen, silk, and wool. I wash my bras after each use (they are synthetic fabric, but washing after each wear seems to keep the smell down). Most days I apply nothing to my pits after showering, but once in a while if there is any stink I wipe my pits with isopropyl alcohol wipes. It's amazing that these small changes really worked well. My husband no longer complains about me being stinky, which has really improved our relationship! Thanks Dr. Armpit!! You are a real blessing to the World!!
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Question posted by david
why when put on deodorant one armpit stinks and the other doesnt is that something to be concerned with or not
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Question posted by KC
I just watched your TEDx Talk and broke down in tears. I have literally tried everything from changing my diet, using homemade deodorants, magnesium spray and various supplements. I have been dealing with this problem for over 30 years. Some years have been better than others but it has been ongoing and at times debilitating socially and professionally. How can I be a subject for your research trials? I am in California but I will come there. I just want the frustration with this ongoing problem that I've had to stop once and for all.
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Question posted by Sandra
Hello, I've struggled with really smelly armpits ever since high school. People make jokes, sniff, and whisper behind my back all the time. I've cried so much because of the embarrassment, people's behavior toward me, and the loneliness that comes with it. I recently quit my job because I couldn't take it anymore. I've become socially isolated, and rarely speak to people except for a few friends at work. I'm still finding ways to cope with this. I feel so much better sending this message. I know I'm not alone, and this forum proves it. Thank you
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Question posted by Jo
By the end of the day my right arm pit stinks and my left is normal. I am not excessively sweating. I sit at a desk all day and am not a particularly sweating person. I am concerned that my stinky armpit is being caused by an underlining health issue. Should I be concerned? What can I do to combat this odor?
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Question posted by Scott
Hi Chris, what do you think about the idea of using UV light radiation as a way to sterilize the armpit before performing a biome transplant, instead of just washing? Perhaps this would yield better results for your non-related transplant attempts.
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Question posted by Addy
Dear dr. Armpit, in our youth we lived on a farm with our grandparents. The farm is still there, situated between dikes and ditches. There used to be "stoepjes"' in the river and in a ditch near the house; ( I am at loss for the English equivalent). This stoepje near the water was designed for washing. So, when our grandfather went to town, he would kneel on the "stoepje" and open the buttons of his shirt ( "boezeroen"); then would wash his hands in the water of this ditch, and splash his face with water that he scooped from the ditch with both 'washed' hands. There was no soap involved. This same ditch got its water from the river Rhine, flowing down from the Alps, passing through several countries, over a hundreds of miles, traversing Germany, entering the Netherlands and flowing another few hundred miles to the coast where we live nearby. There was a kitchen with flowing tapwater,but only cold. We used to wash our hands there about once a day, before eating. As our father was a farmer he washed his hands before each meal. Bathing, using soap and water, was a Saturday chore. First the water had to be heated, so it was quite a project and no real bath was involved. This was considered a great luxury. We only used a bucket halfway filled with cold water, and adding hot water from a small kettle. Then using a washcloth and soap, we would stand naked and shivering, working fast to be covered again. I do not remember any smelly armpits, except in the summertime when my father was working very hard to get the hay in the barn in time ( before it would rain again).
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Question posted by Kate
Hi Dr. Armpit! Upon your advice, I applied the antibiotic cream Neosporin to my armpits for a week and didn't wash them for a few days with no success. Although it did work upon immediate application, the smell returned within 30 minutes to 1 hour. The red rash under my arm did slightly lighten up, but the onion like odor is still present. Could the negative gram bacteria still be dominant? Was applying Neosporin not correct? What did I do wrong? Could it possibly be a yeast infection, or definitely the negative gram bacteria? Which bacterial strain specifically? E Coli? Should I use a stronger antibiotic? I'm still hesitant to put strong stuff under my arms because of the lymph nodes location in such close proximity. Like I said, the Neosporin worked for a little time and then the stench came back. I have also noticed that my lymph node is slightly inflamed. What should I do now that the antibiotic cream hasn't worked? Thank you for your patience and time, Kate
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Question posted by Colby
For the past month my armpit has begun to get tender and has a non stop smell even when I take a shower. What can I do to stop this?
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Question posted by Uruguayo
Hola, lamentablemente sufro de este mal, eh visto su presentacion en TED y nace una luz de esperanza, que hay alguien que esta investigando al respecto, muchisimas gracias. Eh intentado todo, desodorantes,antitraspirantes(cloruro de aluminimo al 20% en las noches),bicarbonato,limon,homeopatia,antisepticos,antifungicidicos, hasta incluso hice un ayuno de 21 dias a base de agua para desintoxicar mi organismo con la esperanza que fuera la raiz de la enfermedad, pero sigo en la misma. Es un olor que se impregna en las remeras, porque cuando otros usan mis remeras estas no desprenden el mal olor siendo que las bacterias se alojan alli?
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Question posted by cheche
I have lump in my left underarm. They say it's just swell. But the after 2days may right underarm. Had 2 lump. I don't know what's really happening. Can you pls.help me
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Question posted by Alex Minuti
Right this always seems to happen every time I have a shower where I use soap and then shower gel with one of those scrubby things and then within about maybe 4-8 hours of me literally doing nothing in the day I go to get in bed where I just sleep in my boxer shorts and take a stretch and then I get a smell of b.o when I've literally had a shower the same day just about 4-8 hours ago I seriously don't understand why and it is really beginning to annoy me
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Question posted by Keyle
Have you read some of the stupid shit on here? You muffs need to shower and actually use soap and a scrubby thing... Thats it deo up after... It's called being clean.........
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Question posted by Leakygut111
Is there an connetion between leaky gut and body odour?
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Question posted by john
do toxins in the sweat smell,why do some people have more fattyacids&protein in their sweat?
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Question posted by Jaimey
How are the liver and kidney affected to body odor? If you had liver and kidney problems, what would the smell be described as?
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Question posted by John
My friends tell me that I have a pungent armpit odor (which doesn't bother me) - I guess corynebacteria have found refuge in my pits. I shave my armpit hair - which seems to help. I also frequently sterilize my pits with either alcohol or hydrogen peroxide solution. It might be an interesting project for your group to study the efficacy of this. It might also be very interesting to see if this has any potential over time to shift the armpit microbiome in a desirable way, using various alcohols, or hydrogen peroxide solution, or other anti-septic solutions that are well tolerated on human skin. John Mattox jmattox@uncfsu.edu Fayetteville, NC
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Question posted by Red mom
Every time my 17year son takes a shower, he leaves the shower smelling like b.o. very badly. He is the ONLY one in the house that does this. I don't understand. The only thing I can think of, is he isn't using soap. He doesn't smell bad during day, when I sit next to him, etc. JUST SHOWER, LIKE THE ENTIRE BATHROOM. When I ask him if he uses soap, he says yes......so I am COMPLETELY CONFUSED.
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Question posted by TheOne
I've been struggling with armpit odor for the past 3 years. I'm 23, male. I was never like this then suddenly things fuc up. I suffered from oniony smells to burnt rubber smell. No deodorant would work and in fact deodorant makes me stink more. I also noticed that i don't have armpit odor when I'm not wearing any deodorant at all. I also noticed that after not using commercial deodorant for a year it made me smell better. Now , Im back using commercial deodorant plus a clinical anti-prespirant so Im thinking maybe i should try not to use any of those and just use a skin cleanser (betadine/ povidone iodine) and regular baths. I also think that the odor is in my shirt.
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Question posted by Lejoy
I have been suffering from constant boils.
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