how do i fix my armpit?

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It all started when i was a kid. I liked to play "pretend-adult" back then and copied my parents putting on deodorant when i dont have any issues at all. Which results to bad odor in such an early age. Ive tried products from branded roll ons to powdered baking sodalike items for my armpit until i was 18. The problem is, the product may work for a few weeks then itll start smelling again. I dony have problem with consistency cause this problem have driven me to clean myself. I dont have any issues in my body excepy this dark lumpy rough smelly armpit. Its gross because the hairs havr thickened because of the shaving and i have chicken skin in it too. With the bad smell its really annoying. Is it a sickness? Cause im really desperate for answers. I dont wanna smell so gross anymore and i want to raise my hands up with confidence that my armpit is smooth