Could armpit onion smell be connected to my Chronic Kidney Disease?

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I found your site from a google search, and then watched the TEDx talk. Here is my situation. One year ago I was diagnosed with CKD stage 3, I am a 44 year old male, and have never suffered from body odor before. These last 6 months I have noticed an increasing onion odor from my armpits, and neither showering nor deodorant have helped. I am becoming more self conscious about it, and have already been out of the dating scene for too long, so this is very upsetting. I just assumed that it was due to my kidney disease, but after doing some research maybe it is bacteria? I would be grateful for any help. You are definitely carrying out valuable work. I live in the US, but can make a visit to Belgium (I think I read that is where you are based). My diet is fairly good, and I am not overweight. My only vice is tobacco snus, which do in fact make me sweat. Perhaps this is the signal to stop such a bad habit. Thank you for you time.