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Smelly feet
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Dear Dr. Armpit, I have been closely following your research as you have probably seen in the title, I have issues with smelly feet. However, I haven't seen much research on this topic, and hoping when it comes to understanding of bacteria composition evolution in research concerning bromhidosis on armpits can also have give more insights on bromhidosis concerning feet. Can you suggest fellow researchers on bromhidosis, but more specifically concerning feet? (a dr. feet in this matter :) ) I would like to reach out to them to have a better understanding how to inhibit the smell. I don't sweat much on my feet, I would suggest it's on average level but the odor is so strong it actually gives me headache when confined in a small room. It's not even normal "smelly" odor, just immensely pungent, as if poisonous even. Also how much does a research on average cost, going through all the forums, and seeing how many people suffer from this, it really make sense to have crowdfunding to finance the study if there's budget constraints. I read how people suffer and so eager to get help, spending literally hundreds if not thousand of dollars on lotions, shoes, and what not, I can imagine if 10% of world population is suffering from this that a crowdfunding would make sense if this is on low priority in the medical world. It's not a life threatening disease when it comes to quantity of live but the quality of life is so affected, I'm sure it would have success (crowdfunding) when the right people are being targeted. Thanks for your advice and for your research!!!


Hi, thanks for your interest! Really appreciate it. A crowdfunding campaign would definitely make sense. I'll discuss it with my P.I. As for feet: I looked briefly into smelly feet. We tried to transplant bacteria, but without immediate success. The skin of feet is much thicker and with deeper invaginations. The microbiome is more diverse, as compared to the armpit microbiome. There is also a big effect of the type of shoes and socks that are worn. But it is certainly a bacterial problem, that can be tackled with similar approaches we now apply in the armpit (applying and steering the microbiome in the good direction). We need more researchers on these topics. But research is more likely to get funded if it concerns a life-threatening disease.