Why do my nieces armpits smell like onion all the time?

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My niece probably right after hitting puberty has always had really bad BO...at first I thought maybe she wasnt showering as often as she should....but now that she is older (18) and she has stayed with me more than once. I see that she showers and applies deodorant right after and her armpits still smell like onions( which she doesnt even eat) ....its bad. She gets so embarrassed about it, and she has tried so many different deodorants even mens. What could be causing this? What can she do to make it better?


Hi Melonie, thanks for sharing the story. There is no easy solution. We are definitely working on it. It is caused by the presence of the typical malodorous strain in the axilla. A solution needs to be found against the bacteria. Deodorants don't really change the underarm microbiome. Best, Chris